Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lucy Takes Over The Blog....

Before I let Lucy take over, let me just say now, if she mentions Twilight I will kick her a** back to her own blog where she can rave about Edward and the dumb Bella all she wants. 
Thinking about it, what have I let myself in for?!  Oh well, here goes nothing:

Hello and Welcome to Keren’s blog!!
My name is Lucy Swing and I have taken over for the day. This is pretty exciting! Hmmm, I can really say anything I want *grins*-  I was, however, forewarned not to talk ‘Twilight’. So I will not say anything else other than I have Edward Cullen locked in my closet- his poster at least.

Let’s move along before I get my butt kicked!  For starters I wanted to introduce myself a little more in depth. Some of you may know me and some of you may be like “HUH? Who the heck are you?!” so..here we go:

I am a mother of two and a firefighter wife, a book hoarder and as that, I am addicted to reading. I began writing full blast over this past summer when I decided to stop messing around and to actually FINISH a manuscript. Which I did. It is called Feathermore, and it still needs some editing, so it won’t be out any time soon. I began blogging at “Writing Antics” where I review books, do giveaways and talk about anything under the sun. Yes, anything goes.I also begantweeting my life away as @luceduceswing. It was then when I got a DM from @SuzKorb asking if I would be interested in collaborating a story for an anthology she was putting together. I was dumbfounded. I think I may have stared at the computer screen for at least five minutes re-reading the message, knowing it had to be wrong. Someone wanted ME to write a story?! For something that would actually be published?! O.M.G. And I have been working on it ever since. It has been completed and has met and exceeded the word count. I am on my second round of revision and hope to have it all finished up before the Holidays. So be on the lookout for “Death by Chocolate” the Anthology book and more importantly, “My Bloody Valentine” which is my story.

Release Date February 14th 2012.

Here is an excerpt:

My Bloody Valentine
“It was the beginning of senior year when word got around there was a new student in Hollow High. As it has always been, it was rather habitual to treat any new student as if they had some kind of incurable disease. Girls would carefully move around Jude when walking past, as if the mere touch of him would make them turn into ashes. The boys would make comments that made me cringe, wondering how people could be so cruel towards someone they never held a conversation with.
 Jealousy, I had told myself. Jude was drop dead gorgeous. “Out of a Vogue magazine” I had told Maggie the first time we walked past him on the hallway. His shaggy black hair fell over his deep green eyes, almost as if they needed hiding, sure that looking into them would only cause a surge of emotions through me that would be unstoppable. His tall and well-built body would have been perfect for playing sports, but that would have never been allowed by the team.
I walked past him in the hallway every day and he never noticed me, his gaze always glued to the floor. I should know, I stared at him incessantly. A couple weeks after school had begun our eyes finally met. As I had dreamt for so many days and nights, there had been an undeniable spark, some sort of recognition that had crossed his eyes sending shivers through my body. I had been right; looking into those eyes had been a life changing experience. The person I had been was immediately eradicated and in its place a new being was born. I couldn’t explain how but my whole world had changed. Something in me had awoken and the fire in my soul begun to soar. I needed to be close to him.” ©Lucy Swing, “My Bloody Valentine” Death By Chocolate 2011.

In my story, you will all come to find, nothing is what is seems haha.
Okay, so I have a debate going on with my husband. If you have ever read my book reviews I am always raving about the men in the books. My husband says I fall in love all too easily but I disagree. Yes, I love the male characters and would love to have one of each (Edward Cullen, Gabe Willowghby, Caspian, Blake Beldevier, DamenAuguste, Evan and Reece- et all) but is it really MY fault the exceptionally talented authors create such amazing men? How can you help not falling in love with them? Keren will kick my behind, but I began writing again because of Twilight. I was obsessed with Edward. I wanted him and I needed him. The way Meyers was able to make me feel all of these emotions and more. It still baffles me when I long for a character in a book but I want to do that to someone, to make them go wild with emotions. And I hope to one day succeed :)
So here lies the question, have you ever fallen in love with a fictitious character in a book? How and Why? And more importantly.. WHO!?


  1. Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse books. Yum. ;)

    He's dark and dangerous, and a vampire-viking god! Plus, Alexander Skarsgard (who plays Eric in the show) is beyond gorgeous and really put a face with the Eric I'd come to love.

    I think we are SUPPOSED to fall in love easily - with the male MCs that is. It's the point. If we don't find them intriging or irresitable, then how are we suppose to believe that the female MC does.

    I think it's amazing how the author is actually putting us, the reader, into the mindset of the female MC, so that we end up wanting the male MC just as the female MC does - like we are thinking for the female MC (if that makes any sense at all). Which is utterly fantastic as far as writing is concerned. It's a sure sign of a great connection between reader and character.

  2. Jen, I have to agree. Eric Northman is THE greatest. I find it hard thinking what actor would play a character from a book, because they don't normally live up to expectations, but whew Alex Skasgard is soooo YUMMYLICIOUS (I know that's not a word) and I find he fits the role very very well.

  3. Jen, I totally agree. Hence my addiction to reading. I just love that if only for just a moment we, the reader, can submerge into a new world and be someone else for a change. To feel what the MC is feeling and to agree or disagree with her/his choices.
    For some reason I cannot imagine an actor or real person as any of the male MC's I read in books, I create my own little piece of Heaven. However, in "Beautiful Creatures" books i can totally see Malese Jow as Lena (picture her in her Vampire Diaries character: Anna)
    When I write though I have to have something to go by, so I will print a few photos and go from there (actors/models/etc) but then change them until I create MY perfect guy.

    I love reading for the sole fact that I can imagine *him* any way I like, movies tend to kill that for me :(

  4. I so can't wait to read My Bloody Valentine!!! Sounds amazing! Thanks Keren and Lucy for a fun "Lucy takes over" day!!! ;)

  5. Oh, and Gavin Frey from the Kailmeyra series by Elizabeth Isaacs...sigh. Perfection!


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