Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Meet Kira Saito, my Voodoo Queen

Hello lovely readers, it’s Kira, your resident voodoo queen and author of Bound (An Arelia LaRue Novel #1). Keren has been kind enough to let me invade her blog for the day, so I thought I’d do something a little different.
Instead of talking about how awesome my book is and why you should go and buy a copy NOW!!! I thought I’d celebrate the theme of the series and do a quick lesson on how you can make and use your very own voodoo doll!

Steps to make your very own New Orleans style voodoo doll:

1.Pick out some fabric. It can be any color.
2.Cut the fabric in the shape of a human.
3.Typically, real New Orleans voodoo dolls are stuffed with Spanish moss. 4.If you can’t find any of that stuff, cotton is fine too.
5.Mix the cotton or Spanish moss with specific herbs that meet your exact goals along with the target’s personal effects.
(For example: If you have a huge crush on someone, steal a hair or two off of them, mix it with some Jasmine & stuff the doll with it)

Some common herbs and their uses are:
Thyme: stops nightmares
Samson Snakeroot: used to make a person warm up to you
Jasmine: love
Mandrake root: love, protection and wealth
Ginger: protection, luck in gambling
Devil’s Shoestring: good luck in gambling and used is carrying out curses.
(You can actually buy voodoo doll kits if you’re too lazy to gather all the ingredients yourself!)

Okay, so now you’ve made the doll, you need to name it and baptize it after the person it’s meant to resemble.
To do this, light a white candle and focus your energy into the doll. Develop a connection with it and fill it with your energy!
That’s it!! So now you have your custom voodoo doll, you can basically do whatever you want with it. Remember treat the doll like it’s really the person it’s meant to resemble.
 So, if you want someone to fall in love with you, surround your doll with roses, rub honey over its heart and whisper seductive words in its ear :P
 Yes, you can stick pin and needles it in if you’re out for revenge. Basically, you’re only limited by your imagination!


Your Voodoo Queen, Kira -x-

Gothic Angel's note: I collect angels and fairies, the darker and edgier the better. Well in that collection resides Voodoo in Blue (pictured right)
And I also have a voodoo doll keyring on my handbag, a witch (pictured left)

Thank you to Kira for taking the time to write this post, teaching us how to make our own voodoo dolls. I hope you were all just as interested as I was!

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