Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review of BLOOD BOUND by Rachel Vincent

I hereby award this book 5 wings!
I don't really know where to start this review. I always feel I'll get too carried away and reveal too much.
Perhaps as a starting point, i should say, this book was absolutely gripping from start to finish. I could NOT put it down.
It left me with chills and I felt like I should more than double my security measures.
What do I mean? Well, allow me to explain.
Firstly, I would turn on all the lights PERMANENTLY. I would install an infra-red grid in the ceiling, invest in glass cupboard doors, glass table tops, take all the doors off wardrobes, anything to prevent even the smallest shadow being possible.
Also, I would be wise to burn everything my blood touches if I cut myself. You never can be too cautious.
And I would change my name by deed poll and not tell anyone what I changed it to.
Maybe you think I sound crazy. Maybe you think that's overdoing the security?!
Well, let me tell you, in Olivia Warren's world, you can't be cautious and security conscious enough.
Well in the world in which Liv lives, the world of the Skilled and Unskilled, the things we'd say are impossible, are all too possible- and worse- probable!
You think you're scared of the boogeyman? You've never had a chance encounter with the boogeymen in Liv's world. Seriously, ours have nothing on them. Not a thing!
For starters, there's Blood Trackers. They can track you with just a drop of your blood. Doesn't even have to be all that fresh if the tracker is good enough.
There's also Name Trackers who can track you if they know your real name. So never give your full name to anyone, EVER! Better still, give people a false name.
Then, there's Shadow Walkers, who, quick as a flash, can travel using the shadows.  You think you can outrun them, but really, all it takes is a small shadow near you and BAM there's the shadow walker.
There are of course other sorts of boogeyman but I don't want to be giving you nightmares for weeks!
I can't really go into too much detail without spoiling the book for you, but Olivia is one of the Blood Trackers. She gets hired by what can only be described as an 'overlord' only, seemingly worse.
His name is Cavazos and he has a hold over Olivia. Definitely not a good thing!
Liv's ex, Cam, is one of the name trackers. Some of her friends are also Skilled. But this doesn't exactly work to their advantage.
In short, they are all embroiled in a dangerous game. One that can never have a pleasant outcome for all involved.
Rachel Vincent is one of my new favourite authors. I got addicted to this book like a drug addict gets hooked on heroin. One fix and you're in. Hook, Line and Sinker!
This book fast became a favourite because the story stays with you long after the words on the page are over.
It is a fast paced, well written, thrilling rollercoaster ride, with twists and turns a plenty.
You really feel empathy with the characters that Rachel Vincent has created.
 I can only eagerly await the release of Shadow Bound, the next book in the Unbound series, so that I may get my next fix.

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