Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review of DANGEROUS by Alycia Linwood

I hereby award this book 4 wings!

Read from 25th-27th September 2011.
I guess I should start off with the reason I gave this book 4 wings out of 5. Well it is nothing major, that I can assure you.
I found there to be a few spelling mistakes, misuse of a word here and there, and also missing words in a sentence. Also, maybe I would have worded a couple of sentences here and there differently, as I struggled to make them make sense at first. But that is just a personal thing, but because of these slight flaws, I felt I couldn't award it the full 5 stars.
However, based on story content, I would more than happily award it 5 stars. I just felt I needed to be honest, as there is nothing worse for me than reading someones review that is 100% positive with no criticism because, let's face it, nothing is that perfect.

My review of the actual story itself?

Ria is an 18 year old girl who has just started attending the University of Magic, this is a place full of students who are in possession of an element, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Ria's element is Fire.
She meets a boy whom she is attracted to, but his element is not the same as hers. This makes things difficult for her because you are only supposed to marry someone of your own element.
But marriage isn't at the forefront of her mind, after all, she's only 18. So she decides to date Michael, even though there could be consequences.

Ria feels threatened by a 'magical disease carrier' by the name of Adrian, as she feels he is dangerous. They are warned to stay away from these carriers, as they are said to become murderers, killing people to steal their element as they do not have one of their own.

So when Ria's best friend Paula starts dating Adrian, Ria is concerned for her friend, and though she doesn't want to see Paula unhappy, she would rather see her with someone who can make her happy and isn't a magical disease carrier.

However, all Ria's beliefs are soon put to the test, as she herself starts showing signs of this magical disease. She doesn't know how she got it, all she knows is she can't tell anyone about it. Anyone except Adrian that is.

I won't spoil the story for you, suffice to say, this story had me hooked from the first page right up to the last. When it ended, I was gutted. I was having withdrawal symptoms from the last word and am seriously hoping to see Alycia publish the next book VERY soon, I need my next fix.

Thank you Alycia for giving me this book to review. I eagerly await the next.

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