Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review of DARK ANGEL by Eden Maguire


I hereby award this book 5 wings!

I have just finished this book, and what can I say? 
It was not what I expected. Initially, it took me a couple of chapters to get in to the swing of things. But once I got over that slight hurdle, it was a wonderfully written book. Full of little twists that keep your interest peaked. 
I love the way Eden Maguire writes. I loved the Beautiful Dead series, and am nearly as captivated by the first of this trilogy.
I say nearly, only because of the initial hurdle, as I never had that with Beautiful Dead.
I hate to spoil books in reviews, so I chose not to go into detail about the story. So if you wanted any details, I'm sorry. I just like to give my honest opinion and star rating. 
I do strongly recommend you read this story. It was awesome and I am really ready for Twisted Heart in November.

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