Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review of ABANDON by Meg Cabot

I hereby award this book 3 wings!

Read from September 15 to 17, 2011

What did I think of this book? In all honesty it's a little bit of a hard question to answer, but I will try to explain.

In the beginning, I found this story tough to get into, I didn't really identify or empathise with Pierce. Which for me was very strange because I can normally sink into a book and feel like I could BE the main character.

I found Abandon wasn't as instantly gripping and enjoyable as most things I have read. This alone would not necessarily matter. If the only problem with it was taking a while to get into, I would normally persevere. However, there were many instances in which I wanted to put this book down, never to be picked up again, and not read the rest of the trilogy.

But, I DID persevere with it, and about halfway through, I found I was actually quite liking it, and will be buying at least the next book in 2012 to see how things pan out for Pierce and John. I may even buy the final installment if I find The Underworld (pt 2) enjoyable enough.

My main problem was, when Pierce dies and finds herself in the Underworld with John, (yes you heard me, the bad guy is called John), the way she escapes is completely illogical. She sees two staircases in the distance, one leads up, the other leads down. So, she throws a cup of tea in John's face and runs for it, taking the DOWN staircase. Which makes no sense for two reasons. 1) You don't escape the bad guy throwing tea in his face, and 2) the logical staricase to pick was UP!!

This aside, there are other problems in the first half of this book. One being, if she said "Check yourself before you wreck yourself" one more time, I was tempted to rip the book in half and throw it out of the window. Another was, she kept referring to this one character as "Cemetery Sexton Richard Smith". Not "Sexton Smith" or "Richard Smith" or even just "Richard" or "Mr Smith", no, it was the full title nearly every time she referred to him. Not all the time, just 98%. This had me wanting to scream.
Another thing was, her "relationship" with John, well it was lame. You normally want the heroine to get with the love interest. but he wasn't even really what I would call a "love interest". He showed no "interest" until far too late in the story when all of a sudden he kisses her.

I know these may seem like slight niggles, not galring problems to you. But read the book and see if you find you aren't as annoyed as me.

In all, the second half of this book was quite good, and it was good enough that I am glad I saw it through to the end.
But it also meant that I struggled to rate Abandon, and actually put off reviewing it or rating it until a few hours after I finished reading it.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Probably not in all honesty. I have a friend who has the same taste in books as me and all I could say to her was, I didn't thoroughly enjoy it, read my review and make up your own mind. Then I know she can't blame me for outright saying "do not read it".

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