Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review of EVE EDEN vs THE ZOMBIE HORDE by Suzanne Korb

I hereby award this book 4 wings!

I have just now finished this book and am sitting to type my review whilst it is fresh in my mind. A lot seemed to happen in such a short space of 276 pages and I feel if I don't get this written now, I may forget parts.

Eve Eden is just your normal teenage girl living in a small town called Twin Forest. She has a best friend called Kimi and life couldn't get any more average. Eve goes to high school and just like any normal school, there is one girl in particular Eve tries her hardest to avoid. Petra. Or as her birth certificate would say Crystal Petra Ball. No wonder she goes by her middle name huh?!

Even with Petra's incessant bullying of people, life is just about as normal and average as it gets. True, Eve and Kimi wouldn't mind a bit more fun. But I'm not sure Eve being catapulted to the depths of Hell is anybody's definition of fun!

The odd things start happening when Kimi shows Eve a necklace she dug up on an archaelogical dig in England. It shines so bright it knocks Eve off her feet, literally.
 Then when she sees it up close, boy is it ugly! Eve looks it over and tells Kimi it's horrible, much to her dismay as she was about to give it to Eve as a gift. 
Eve slips it on to see what it looks like, then just can't bring herself to take it off. She even refers to it mentally as 'her necklace'. 

Kimi tells Eve she's going to cast a spell to make the necklace disappear. However when that fails miserably, Eve tells her she is leaving it exactly where it is.

The next day at school, there is only a space on the wall where Eve and Kimi's shared locker should stand. Kimi decides that this is what she made disappear instead of the necklace. Little do they know there are other forces at work.

That is only the catalyst for the chain of events that spiral out of Eve's control. 

Something tells Eve that maybe her mom and dad have some explaining to do. They want her to train to fight and defend herself at the Battleground, otherwise known as the home where Kimi lives with her foster parents. They have equipment that could aid Eve's training and everyone has been badgering her to start training. But she hasn't listened up to now. She doesn't see what she would want to train for. Little does she know, a little bit of training would have gone a long way.

Finally, Eve is convinced to start training. But she isn't there for long because after only one day's training, she is catapulted headfirst into the catastrophic events that await her. 

I won't spoil it all for you, but along the way she finds herself face to face with a vampire and then thrown into his past. She is in the depths of Hell and doesn't know how to get out. And when she finally gets out of Hell, she is confronted with a horde of zombies that she has no hope of battling. Or does she?

I read this book at quite a rate of knots. It is a book that you find yourself turning the pages faster and faster to try and find out what will befall Eve next. 
There were times when I felt that there should or could have been more explanation for these events. But my quest for an explanation is what kept me turning the pages so quickly. 
Unfortunately, I reached the end and am still at a loss as to why those things happened to Eve. I only hope that in the next book, Suzanne can give us a bit of background information. I want to know why such troubles will continue to pursue poor Eve.

It was exciting the way Eve was constantly thrown from one situation to the next. It was amusing and in parts I couldn't help but laugh out loud. The journey was sure a bumpy one for all involved. 
The characters Suzanne has created are great. I really do like Eve. I love Kimi and her boogersnots (you'll have to read it to see what I mean by that)
Bubbles and Thunderbug her flatuating dog are probably two of the most amusing characters of all. Especially little Thunderbug and his powerful, awful smelling mini explosions from his bottom!

All in all, this books is deserving of the 4 wings I awarded it. I only live in hope that the next book comes soon and I can laugh a little longer and a little louder at whatever next befalls Eve and her friends. 

Until then.....!

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