Thursday, 24 November 2011

So I Can't Figure Out If I'm A Nerd Or Not....!

I've been wondering for a while now. Am I a nerd or not? And you know what? I just can't figure out the answer. 

The fact is, I get super excited over the slightest little thing. These are not limited to, but do include:

  • A new book by an author I love being released
  • An awesome book cover I keep raving about
  • Receiving a book in the post
  • Receiving a signed book from an author
  • Receiving signed swag in the post, i.e Bookmarks, Postcards, Magnets
  • Being asked by an author to review their book... though this is totally worthy of shouting about because it's always great to be asked. It means a lot to me. 
  • Recently, I found you could get a butterfly ring, as seen on the cover of DESTINED by author Jessie Harrell. So, I raved about it to my other half then ordered it (and I'm really hoping it comes soon)
  • Getting a tweet or retweet from an author I love
  • People entering my giveaways - Yes, this excites me A LOT!!
I mean, I get really excited by these things. I was talking to an author pal the other day and told her I get like an over excited new puppy, the only thing being that I don't pee on the carpet! (Seriously, thank god for small mercies)

So the question remains unanswered, does this make me a nerd? If so, I don't really care. BRING IT I'll be a nerd. But if not, what on this earth am I? (I mean apart from an incessant chatterbox - cos that's obvious, right?!)

Anyway, I'll be quiet now. LOL :)

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