Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Most Exciting News Ever! (I kid you not).....

I received an email from Rosi at Harper Collins saying that she will send me a monthly(ish) email with a list of ARCs to choose from!

I could not believe it when I read the email, I mean I'd sent her an email asking her about the possibility, but I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought she would reply. But she did and she said YES!!

She asked me if there were any books I wanted in the meantime. Of course, I said a big fat YES PLEASE. I asked her about The Name of The Star by Maureen Johnson and Carrier Of The Mark by Leigh Fallon.

This was on the 1st December. Then on the 5th December, I was very excited to receive the books in the post! I felt like Christmas had come early :)

Here's the covers:

So that's my news. Hap-Hap-HAPPY ME!!! I am a lucky girl! :)


  1. that's awesome - congrats! now I understand why you have so much reading to catch up on!!

  2. Thanks Jessie, I am such a book addict I think I might need to join a group! But then, said group would try to wean me from my addiction and well, that's just NEVER happening!
    I keep buying books that look awesome, so am taking a book buying sabbatical. If someone suggests a new book, I'll add it to a list instead of my shelf. I HAVE to plow through some review books & stuff REALLY REALLY fast!
    I also should limit my Twitter time and blog time too, but I like to share the love & spread the word about new books I have read. So I guess I just need the right balance - good that I don't currently have a day job huh?! lol ;)

  3. Wow that's super awesome! I have sent a few e-mails out to request ARC's but no luck. Harper Collins was the only place that e-mailed me back and they said that they usually only send to blogs with at least 500 followers. :( I expected that though.


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