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Guest Post By M.C.V Egan

                                         January 21st, 2012 
                  Delray Beach, Florida

Dear Followers, Members and Visitors of Gothic Angel,

Your most gracious hostess Keren has very cordially invited me to tell you about my book; THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS.
The novel is a paranormal, historical, mystery romance based on true events linked to an airplane crash in Denmark on August 15th, 1939. Five deaths were reported; an English member or Parliament, two executives from Standard Oil of New Jersey, a German Corporate Lawyer and an employee of the airline but the pilot, survived.This was a mere two weeks before Adolph Hitler invaded Poland and the world was forever changed by WWII.
As far as the mystery aspect of the book, the event was questionably handled by two disputing jurisdictions.The plane sunk in waters right between the towns of Vordingborg and Nykoping/Falster and the sheriff’s each town were adamant to lead, add to that the newly formed Danish Secret police, and just imagine the power-play! The very CEO of the European Branch of Standard Oil of New Jersey Mr. W.N. Grubb (look him up on Wikipedia and you’ll see the profile of a man who was not likely to use the word mystery), wrote on August 30th, 1939 “I am very much afraid that it is one of those mysteries which will not be solved, although, of course, investigations will be carried out.” (The full document is on pages 82-83 in The Bridge of Deaths. He was right of course, and investigations were made, and left question marks galore. All of which I tried to piece together using various archives which fit like pieces of a puzzle.
For the historical bit I researched the incident and anyone involved; through any aspect, before, during and after for almost two decades. My quest took me to Denmark, England, Washington, D.C. and Mexico there I interviewed people and dug through dusty old archives (sounds boring but it was fun). Here in Florida I spent hours with history books and newspaper microfilms from The London Times.
For the paranormal I used the help of several local psychics, a Peruvian Shaman, and an American Hypnotherapist. The psychics made use of a phenomenon called psychometry, and they held two watches from the crash (I own the watches because one of the executives from Standard Oil was my grandfather). All came up with amazingly similar stories, and they are all documented and credited for all their help. The past-life sessionsperformed by two different hypnotherapists were of an individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, but who allowed me to be present and record the sessions.

Last but certainly not least the romance, this was where the fictional yarn was spun to make it a fun more of today tale. At first this was because the subject of the past-life hypnotherapy regression sessions desired and requested anonymity;(life changed and as so many today this individual became conservative in his philosophies). Then there was the upset feedback I received for all the rattling of skeletons in the family closet. I had to come up with a plan. One where I could detach myself as much as possible from the story, (the 200+ footnotes show I did keep the integrity of the facts) and protect the requested anonymity. Thus my characters Bill and Maggie were born, and love was the only path that would so link two individuals. I get so many questions as to who is the real Maggie, she seems to be most likable to the readers, and a reviewer called her my alter-ego (blush), but no Maggie was created out of thin air and it is explained how in the intro of the book.
I am so honored and humbled by the nice reviews I have received and I am proud of the fact that I started out with five corpses and gave the reads alove story.

M.C.V. Egan

About Me:

M.C.V. Egan is the pen name chosen by Maria Catalina Egan the author of The Bridge of Deaths. Catalina was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1959, one of eight children. From a very young age she became obsessed with the story of her maternal Grandfather, Cesar Agustin Castillo, mostly the story of how he died. She only spent her childhood in Mexico. Her father became an employee of The World Bank in Washington D.C.
From the early 1970 at the age of 12 she moved with her entire family to the United States. She was already fluent in Southern English as she had spent one school year in the town of Pineville, Louisiana with her grandparents. There she won the English award ironically being the only one who had English as a second language in her class. In the D.C. suburbs she attended various private Catholic schools and graduated from Winston Churchill HS in Potomac Maryland in 1977. She attended Montgomery Community College and studied in Lyons, France at the Catholic University for two years and in 1981 moved to Sweden where she resided for five years and taught at a language school for Swedish, Danish, and Finnish businesspeople. She returned to the USA where she has been living ever since. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Swedish.
Mrs. Egan has worked for various companies and holds an Insurance license for the State of Florida. Not her favorite field but involves very nice folks and makes money!
Maria Catalina Egan is married and has one son, who together with their five pound Chihuahua makes her feel like a full-time mother.   Although she would not call herself an Astrologer she has taken many classes and taught a few beginner classes in Astrology. This is one of her many past times when she is not writing or researching.
She celebrated her 52nd birthday on July 2nd 2011 and gave herself self-publishing The Bridge of Deathsas a gift; she never submitted it to anyone prior to this decision and has enjoyed the very positive feedback.

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