Monday, 30 January 2012

How My Ratings Work...

I was asked the other day how come I have rated so many books as 5 stars recently. It made me feel the need to explain. 
I mean rating lots of books 5 star either means that a) I just award 5*'s willy-nilly or b) I have read a lot of awesome books lately.

My answer? B - all the way! I have read a LOT of really awesome book lately.

The thing is, I don't read one book then rate it 5* then read the next and compare it to the previous one when I am giving it a rating. I tend not to take previous books into account.

I am all about giving a book a star or in my personal case 'wing' rating based on it's own merits. As for what merits a 5 wing rating from me, well:

  • Good MC's
  • Good Plot-line
  • Good interactions between characters
  • An MC that I feel a connection with, maybe I feel as though I could be that MC
  • When it comes to romance, I feel that love triangles are a bit 'meh' - It depends on the author so... a good romance whether it's a love triangle but well done - or just an ordinary 'couple falling in love' - Romance wins me over every time. I am an old softie!
  • Well thought out plot points - not just throwing things in 

Whether a story is fast-paced or a slightly heavier read - as long as it has all of the above, it's a winner for me.
 I won't hand out a '5 wing' rating if I don't truly think it deserves it. But if it really is worthy, why should I score it any lower just because I've given so many '5 wings' out?!

So, there you have it in a nutshell! :)

Thanks, as always, for listening!

Keren xo

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