Thursday, 26 January 2012

Net Galley ARCs...

At this point in the evening, I am generally sat with my nose in a book. I was just about to do exactly that when I thought to check my emails. Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I opened one saying that I am auto-approved for anything I want from Macmillan. Yes, that's right, ANYTHING I WANT!! 
I went straight to Net Galley to download the two books I had asked for previously and found myself also requesting a third whilst I was there.

I jumped up and down in sheer excitement when the first one I saw I was approved for was 

Having been a huge lover of The Immortals Series, I started reading Riley Bloom and also found myself in love. Beautiful books. I have DREAMLAND sat on my shelf waiting for me and now this gorgeous ARC is awaiting my attention!

Look at this cover, seriously gorgeous right?!

And lastly, but by no means least, I asked for THE NIGHT SHE DISAPPEARED by April Henry

This looks seriously cool. Click the link of the title and read the blurb for yourself.

Right, I am off to get my nose back in a book.

Thank you for dropping by!

Keren xo


  1. Thats so awesome!! Im still waiting to get any response from them at all! Lucky!

  2. I have The Night She Disappeared and it sounds fantastic. I have been trying not to request too much lately because I am drowning myself in review books, and I still want to read my own books too. I am taking part in a bunch of challenges, so I need to manage my time and review books better.


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