Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Hey Folks, Just got an email from Rosi at Harper Collins with this gorgeous cover for me to reveal to you.

Are you ready? After 3. 1...2...3...

*sighs dreamily* I just LOVE this cover. I mean I am a purple addict so that kinda has something to do with it! It's just so gosh-darn pretty do you not agree?

This fantastic new cover ties in beautifully with the new cover for Divergent, set for release on 2nd February 2012.

For anyone who may not have seen the new cover for Divergent:

Pretty Huh? I like them both, a lot! :)

Thank you, as usual for popping by.

Much Love

Keren xo


  1. Ohhh those covers are really pretty. Much different than the US covers.

  2. Aren't they lovely? Divergent is due 2nd February and Insurgent 1st May.

  3. I'm wild with excitement. "Divergent" was my favorite YA novel of 2011. I'm with you on the purple - I worked for a lavender company the past 6 months and have become obsessive about the color.

  4. I haven't read Divergent yet, it is my next book to review for Rosi at HC. I look forward to it though :)
    I really am the biggest purple addict, ask anyone who knows me. I have a purple bedroom filled with butterflies & if I am buying something, more often than not, I check to see if it comes in purple. Hahaha! Glad I am not the only obsessed one!


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