Monday, 30 January 2012

Review of PYXIS by K.C Neal

Author: K.C Neal
Source: Review copy from the author.

I hereby give this book 5 wings!

Firstly may I say, I was totally in love with this cover at first sight. As a self-confessed cover-magpie, how could I not love something as beautiful as this?! Well done Phat Puppy on another awesome creation!
From the colours to the model to the mysterious qualities it portray - much love for this stunning cover!

I was on Twitter when I discovered this book. I went to Kate's blog and it said to send her an email for a review copy. So naturally, I did.

At the time of finally getting round to reading it, I won't lie - I had forgotten what the blurb said. So actually, I kind of went into this book a bit blind. But I found I didn't mind that so much. It's good to have a surprise now and then.

Corinne Finley is just your average teenager. She works in her dad's cafe to earn her keep. She goes to school with her best friend Angeline. She's had a falling out with her 'almost boyfriend' Mason. Just a truly average life. That is until the day of the school Bake Sale. 
Corinne bakes some absolutely delicious petit-fours. Yet another ordinary thing? Maybe if she hadn't used her late grandmothers food dyes to turn them different colours. But she did - and things just seem to go from strange to stranger still. Boys that haven't paid the slightest attention to her before are falling over themselves and each other, just to talk to her. Girls that ignore her start talking to her and begging her to dye their hair the same as hers. 

At this point in the book (quite near the start) I was laughing to myself as a regular occurrence. They say simple things please simple minds. Well in that case, I don't mind being simple.
Bearing in mind, I normally have some clue as to where the book is going from the first few chapters, that was not the case with PYXIS. I was hooked and had to know what on earth could possibly come next.

The Bake Sale wasn't the only strange event. 

Corinne discovers that her and Mason are sharing the same dreams. They are dreaming about a dark force that is intent on consuming everything around them. She is also being followed and is subsequently attacked by a strange woman who knows secrets about her family's past.
Corinne is left wondering who on earth this woman is, what she wants and who her grandmother really was.
Not all is as ordinary as it once seemed. Will things ever be the same as they once were? And can Corinne and Mason figure out why they are sharing dreams?

For the answers to these questions, you must read PYXIS for yourself.

For me, this book was a fresh seed planted in the YA world. I now look forward to it being nurtured and growing in the next book in the series, Alight.
I am really pleased that this book wasn't the same old, same old. It's nice to read something new and refreshing once in a while.

I enjoyed Kate's approach to this book. It wasn't a heavy read. It wasn't hard to get into. Instead it was light, fast-paced and kept me turning the pages to find out what was happening next. 
The only break I took was when I finally needed to go to bed last night and when I took my son to school today. Other than those times, I have been sat with a cup of tea in one hand and my Kindle in the other.
I liked it so much that I said to my other half that if I could be any book character - I would choose to be Corinne Finley. No lie. I think she is a refreshingly different character. She's not all 'woe is me' like some and not as stuck up 'look at me aren't I special' like others. 

I love Kate's unique style of writing and I look forward to there being more books in the series. I for one hope that there are several more to come. 

Well done Kate on a beautiful debut and I look forward to the next installment in this great adventure.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! <3

  2. Thank you for the chance to review it! Can't wait for Alight :) xo

  3. I loved this book!! I am DYING to read Alight!!


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