Monday, 2 January 2012

In My Mailbox 5th January 2012

I saw this cover and being the cover-magpie that I am, was immediately intrigued.
I read the prequel Tomorrow Is Today and that intrigue turned into "Gimme that book, I want to get my greedy paws on it NOW!"

As usual, I was busy being nosey on Twitter and I came across this. A simple, elegant, beautiful cover. I bought it there and then. I am very excitd to read it!

I can't actually remember where I saw this cover, but I thought it was so pretty. I looked it up on Amazon, realised I could get it quicker from Book Depository, so I ordered it. It will be my first journey into Steampunk and I can't wait! Super excited!! :)

Anyone who knows me, should already know I was in love with Alyson Noel's The Immortals Series. I then went on to read the Riley Bloom books and am just as in love with them. I always pre-order them so that I get them on or around the release date. I get SO excited whenever the mailman brings me one of these brilliant books!

I was actually googling something for another blog post and came across this cover. I was immediately on Amazon having a look for it. The one I saw was not this cover, so I looked in the New & Used section and found a used hardback copy in good condition. I don't mind used hardbacks as there is no spine damage as there would be with a used paperback. Stunning cover and I am dying to get a peek at what's inside. Hopefully it will lead to me buying Tempest Unleashed which also has a great cover.

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