Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Boy With The Cuckoo-Clock Heart

I bought this book yesterday on Amazon and I am hoping it will be here by tomorrow. But I wanted to share the video I found on You-Tube. It's in French but is subtitled in English. I watched it twice, once to see the video and once to read the subtitles because I found I couldn't quite do both at once and give it my full attention.
However, now I have watched the clip, I am even more psyched to get the book! :D

Without further ado, here's the clip: 

If after watching that, you want to buy this book

Purchase it here: 

Add it to Goodreads here

It is also being made into a film as far as I can tell, check it out for yourself on IMDb

And don't forget to come back for my review soon! :D

*goes away whistling* "Shut Up My Heart, I don't recognise you"


  1. It's an excellent choice, I love Mathias Malzieu, he's a perfect writer and singer (if you want you can liste Dionysos...). The US cover is nice but I prefer the french cover ;) Sorry for all mistakes but I'm french and my english isn't so good. I'll come back to read your review :)

    1. Hi Mystral, Thanks for dropping by. I did actually listen to a bit of Dionysos, he has a great voice.
      I hope to see you back soon for my review :) xo


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