Sunday, 12 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - Here's My 1st Giveaway! (1 of 2)

Do I ever have an AWESOME giveaway for you today.
In the spirit of the day, I have a wonderfully romantic book for you.

A paperback edition of DESTINED by Jessie Harrell

I was fortunate enough to read this myself a little while back and I thought how apropos it would be to give it away today.

What do you have to do to enter? Just leave a blog comment telling me the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you and I will pick a winner!


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  1. This is going to sound completely corny, and it may show I've been married too long. But one of the most romantic things that's happened to me is when I was on a week long trip, I came back to find a balloon that said "Welcome Home" tied to a chair...part of a brand new dining room set my husband had bought!

  2. Probably when I got engaged was the most romantic. Let me start this out by saying we never got married but it was still very romantic. On my last day of training after boot camp the guy I had been dating came when we were lining up early in the morning and with balloons and a huge teddy bear in front of everyone asked me to marry him!! It was really sweet and special! We just weren't meant to be but it doesn't take away from the moment! :) Congrats on first giveaway!!!

  3. My hubby is not the most romantic...but the way he proposed to me was very cute and definitely memorable. He whipped out the ring and was so nervous, he mumbled out the question so it sounded like one word--"wilmarme?"

    LOL luckily I understood him and I said yes :)

    celjla212 at aol dot com

  4. The most romantic thing was probably my first date with my beau. I'd flown over to see him and the Saturday afterward, he wanted to go on a special date. We first shared a sundae at Marble Slab before going to Universal City Walk. Then, we shared a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant. This was the first visit we'd had since meeting online, and it was the most romantic first date ever. :) I couldn't ask for a better beau.

    DJ Librarian

  5. My wife and I met in college. I was a year ahead and went to teach English in China afterwards. When I came back after 1 year, my (at the time we weren't even dating, but were back to the "friends" category)wife went to China for a year and taught. When she returned, I went to China for the summer. During that whole time, we had to start over, and really build our communication through writing letters and emails. This was the foundation we missed in college. We started too fast and too quick (too much too soon during college) and I broke up with her before we did something we'd regret. But, after we rebuilt our communication, we were engaged very quickly after I came back from China. We've been married 12 years and have four boys and we are so in love!!

    I would love the opportunity to win this book, and I will happily post reviews on goodreads, amazon and my blog. Thank you for the chance! g.donaldcribbs [at]

    P.S. Here's a poem I wrote for my lovely wife:


    My lips against yours
    like every vow promised,
    curled around its finger’s namesake.

    We flicker amidst fireplace flames
    as hot as passion peeling distances
    in a swirling of bedclothes.

    Reclining against each other
    we plunge into the eternal,
    our souls bathed in good sweat.

    We are reliving the embrace
    that charged us to the water's edge,
    giddy, desire welling up

    like laughter, our tongues gasping
    at the shore of our mouths.
    Long drenched before coming

    to our senses, we climb back up
    the shoreline away from risen tide.
    Now we surface like flowers pressing

    supine shoots against the earth's
    underbelly, shuddering as they reach
    the sun's radiance. We are like Jacob,

    who wrestled God, stunned his hip
    went out of its socket.
    Our eyes burst open like stars

    clustered and eager to put on flesh.

    G. Donald Cribbs

  6. The way that my fiance proposed was the most romantic thing! I came home to a rose on the front door with a note curled around the stem....the note led me to another rose with another note and so on! It was a sort of scavenger hunt!! The notes were so cute and loving...I couldn't help laughing and crying as I read each one and then hunted for the next. Then it finally led me to the room where my BF had all kinds of candles lit, and was kneeling with more roses in one hand and the ring in the other! Then he proposed!!!

    melissaseclecticbookshelf at gmail dot com

  7. Hiya! Well I was never allowed to date (I'm turning 16) and I met this really great boy who I fell head over heels for and was lucky that he felt the same way. So the first time he asked me out and I told him I wasn't allowed he went to my Dad and asked if he could take me out! I thought it was incredibly romantic because he said to my Dad "if you are really against this then I would be extremely happy if you let me take your daughter for a date in your home" and that was my first date, in my house but he made it special with the whole candles and roses :)


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