Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Net Galley/Macmillan ARC's!

Wow, I cannot tell you how super duper happy I am right now. I knew my auto-approved status with Macmillan would come in handy! 
I have 8 shiny new ARC's. Wanna see? I know you do!

After 3...1...2...3...

I cannot express how happy I am to have this! I have a signed bookmark for this and to have the ARC is just like my birthday come early! WOOT!!

How gorgeous is this cover? Sounds awesome too!

I am in awe of this cover. Only a limited number of galleys for this one too so I am super happy and excited!

This book just looked intriguing. Hope I am right?!

This just sounds cool. Don't know what it is strikes me about it but...!

Beautiful cover, great sounding blurb. I am hooked. Now to reel me in...!

Sounds like an intriguing plot... Could be good...We'll see!

and lastly but no means least...

At the time I didn't realise this was book 2, but no matter, I will buy book 1 and see where we go from there! :)

That concludes my new shiny pretty ARC's... Stay Tuned for more soon (I hope)

Keren xo


  1. Those all look incredible. The cover art is amazing.

  2. I wish I was auto approved with them. I requested a lot of those books, but haven't gotten approved yet. Not denied either so that's good right?

    1. I was totally shocked when I got the approval, so happy. I am sure you will get approved too hun :) xx


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