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Review of EVERNEATH by Brodi Ashton

Author: Brodi Ashton
Publish Date: 2nd February 2012.
Note: I bought this myself, I was not asked for a review. (I just happen to think it deserves one)

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

Firstly let me say, I am utterly in love with the cover for Everneath. I think it is truly striking. Being the cover-magpie that everyone knows me to be, it is what had me hooked. But it was the blurb that reeled me in.
I am not actually all that familiar with much mythology. I guess I never really paid attention in that class - if indeed we even covered it, as I really don't remember us ever having done so.
I do think that if all myths were as beautifully crafted as Everneath, I would read them more often.

The closest I have come to mythology is when I read a YA book that happens to be a modern-day retelling. 
Having never read up on the original myth, I can't really say anything about how close this story runs to it or how loosely based. That is not for me to comment. But what I can tell you is that Everneath is a thoroughly enjoyable, fast-paced book that has you hooked from the moment you pick it up.

It's nice to be able to pick up something different once in a while and I can tell you, this is certainly out of the ordinary, for me.

At first I found it odd that it would start with Nikki coming back from the Everneath. I found myself wondering a little at why it hadn't started before she went. But as I got into the story, I understood better and found that I wouldn't have wanted it to start any other way.
The relationships between characters were already established, so there was nothing to be built or worked on, just told. And what a beautiful way it was told in.
In a way, it was a little like having two stories told that run concurrently to each other. There was the NOW and BEFORE THE FEED (you will understand what that means when you read it for yourself).

I don't really want to share too much about the actual story, I don't feel it's up to me to divulge information that you would be better off finding out for yourself. So I will try to tell you a little without spoiling too much for you.

Nikki Beckett has gone missing. Nobody knows where she is or why she left. All they know is that she's gone.

Nikki had spent those months in the Everneath. Time in the Everneath passes differently than time on the Surface, so to Nikki, she had been gone for a hundred years.
She willingly went to the Everneath to rid herself of the emotions that left her broken-hearted. She didn't want to feel that way anymore. She didn't want to feel anything. So she went with Cole. Leaving the boy behind all those unwanted emotions on the Surface.

Jack. Nikki could see his face, but she didn't have a name to go with that face. What had she left on the Surface the day she left? Did she really want to spend eternity in the Everneath with Cole, feeling nothing, knowing nothing?

It's been 6 months on the Surface. People have moved on with their lives since Nikki disappeared. But then the unexpected happens. Nikki returns. She finds herself in one of the aisles of the local Shop & Go.

Now she has 6 months on the Surface before she must return to the Everneath, permanently. 6 months in which to try and heal some of the irreparable damage she inflicted on the people in her life when she left.

From the moment I picked Everneath up to the moment I finished - there was nothing but the book for me. Nothing else existed. I lost myself in the pages for hours at a time.
Brodi Ashton is a brilliant author whom I shall defintiely look out for further books from in the future.
I know she says there will be another 2 books after this and I am eagerly anticipating them. I cannot wait to find out what happens next and if it all ends well.
I'm not one for a fairytale ending "And they all lived happily ever after"... but I would like to think that things will resolve themselves and end on a happier note for Nikki, for Jack and even, dare I say it, for Cole.

I must say, the ending of Everneath was something I hoped would happen, but I learned long ago to expect the unexpected. So when it ended like it did, even though it was sad, I was happy - I can't really explain that one without spoilers but when you read it for yourself, you will know what I mean.

Well done Brodi on such a magnificent first book in what I imagine will be a beautiful trilogy!

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