Monday, 6 February 2012

Review of INTRINSICAL by Lani Woodland.

(The Yara Silva Trilogy #1)
Author: Lani Woodland
Source: A friend in the US gifted this to me via my Kindle.

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

I can't actually remember how I managed to stumble across this book. But when I did, I saw that it was very expensive in hardback, thus I wasn't actually going to buy it. I looked into getting it from the US instead but that was just as expensive. It was a lot of money for one book and what would happen if I didn't like it? Well, I can tell you now, it was a wonderful book and I am so glad that my friend Chele in the US gifted it to me on my Kindle.

When I first saw the cover for INTRINSICAL, I was in love. I know, the followers of my blog know, everyone knows - I am attracted to shiny beautiful covers. This definitely falls into that category. So much so that I wish I had actually bought it in hardback so that it looks gorgeous on my shelf. The sheer beauty of it gets lost in the black and grey of the Kindle. But that does not detract from the story.

INTRINSICAL is an absolutely ingenious idea for a story. It's fresh, undiscovered territory. Lani Woodland has created the most intriguing, twisting, shocking plot. The characters have real depth to them instead of being one dimensional. They drive you to get in touch with your emotions. All in all, it was an amazing book and I cannot wait to download INDELIBLE, the sequel. If it's anything like Intrinsical, I won't be able to put it down.

INTRINSICAL is the story of 16 year old Yara Silva. She has always known that spirits are real. Her Grandmother has communicated with them for as long as Yara can remember. The females in the family are what is known as Wakers. They can all communicate with ghosts. All except for Yara herself.
She grew up being taunted for her Grandmother's gift and wished for nothing more than for her to be 'normal' so that she didn't have to go through the teasing and the name-calling.

Grateful that she doesn't possess the gift of being a Waker, Yara lives a normal teenage life.

That is until her best friend Cherie begs her to go to Pendrell, an elite boarding school, with her. It's there that Yara discovers a few truths about herself. Not only does she possess the Waker gift, she is also able to astral project.

Not wanting to spoil the story for you here, I won't tell you how Yara discovers these gifts, all I can tell you is there was a total game-changing moment thrown in at 38% of the way through. I was honestly shocked to the core and didn't have a clue where the future of the book lay. 

All I can tell you is, Pendrell is cursed and Yara finds herself tasked with finding a way of breaking the curse. She of course has a devilishly handsome boy along for the ride. Brent. Oooo I love me some Brent. He's not yet another one dimensional 'love-interest' that chases the girl, gets the girl, end of story. No Brent is a guy with a depth to him that you don't often find. (Sometimes not even in real life) He is a seriously great character. I can't really tell you why, but I defy anyone not to have the same opinion after reading this book.

Then you've got Yara's best friend, Cherie, who is one feisty young woman. I want a best friend like her! She is the sort to totally call you out on your [insert expletive]. 

As for Yara herself, she is a brilliant character. I love her. From her blushing at the slightest thing to her anger-management issues, she is awesome. You really see her grow as a character before your very eyes. You see her naivete slip away and be replaced with a strong but not over-dominant young woman. 

If you are after a refreshing, different story to sink your teeth into then in my honest opinion, this is it. It's fast-paced, beautifully written and keeps you on your toes. I never knew what to expect. In parts, I knew what I wanted to happen but not necessarily what would happen. There was the game-changing moment just after the first third of the book and there was another shocker in the final third. If you think you can see what's coming, I assure you, it's not what you think.

So go and buy INTRINSICAL today, then make sure you buy INDELIBLE too. I know I am off to find Indelible for myself. 

To connect with Lani Woodland, click her name at the top of the page to find her on Twitter.

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