Sunday, 19 February 2012

Valentines Giveaway Winners Announced.....

First of all, thank you to all who entered. Unfortunately, there can only be 1 winner per giveaway. For the DESTINED by Jessie Harrell giveaway, there were so many beautiful comments left that I had to write names down on pieces of paper, screw them up and get my 5 year old son to pick 1 at random.

Here are the winners names:

DESTINED by Jessie Harrell was won by G. DONALD CRIBBS.

Well done! That was a beautiful poem. Your wife must've loved it! :)
I will be in touch via email and get Destined posted off to you!


THE DESTINY SERIES by Nancy Straight were won by: AMY FOURNIER

Well done Amy. I will be in touch with you momentarily and the 3 books will be posted out to you.
If I am right, you will be the second person to own the whole trilogy in paperback form. Me being the only other person to own them. (so far at least!) :D

To both of you and
for entering!
Once again, a huge thank you goes to all who entered. Please come back again in future for more awesome giveaways.

Keren xo


  1. Thank you, Keren!

    1. It will be on it's way to you very soon! Congrats & Thank you for entering! xo

  2. OMG!! I am so super excited. They sound so good. I can't wait. :)

    1. Amy, there is no doubt that they are the best trilogy I have ever read - I cannot wait for you to get them! xoxo


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