Thursday, 8 March 2012

In My Mailbox...W/C 5th March 2012

On Tuesday:

So happy that Jen sent me this. I love it. Can't wait to dive in!!

I am in love with this cover. We all know I like purple but this is just so gorgeous!! :)

On Wednesday:

I saw this on Amazon and knew I had to have it. I am so lucky to have got it now before it's May 8th release date :)

On Friday:

"Ohmysweetgoodness" as Emma from Of Poseidon would say!! Would you just look at the Friday I am having...
I got swag coming out of my ears and a glorious ARC of TOUCHED by Cyn Balog. Look and see for yourself...

My swag contains: TOUCHED ARC + 6 bookmarks from Cyn Balog, 
6 ILLUMINATE bookmarks + 1 postcard + 3 hotel keycards from Aimee Agresti
and 2 BONE DRESSING bookmarks from indie author Michelle I Brooks

And then a second mail man came and brought me:

and finally, to round off my night
In My Email:

I just downloaded this galley thanks to Random House and Net Galley.
I literally have chills right now. I am so super-psyched!
I remember reading Wildcat Fireflies on my birthday last August and I loved it. So much so, I plan to buy my own spirit ball/witch ball when I find the right one.
So when I saw this on Net Galley, I took the chance and requested it. I just had the email and I almost deleted it without reading - my bad I know but I assumed (albeit wrongly) that I would be declined. However, it was there ready and waiting for me to download. Too Cool!! :D


  1. OMG you got Touched!! I am dying to read that. The cover is so freaking awesome too! I really need to get Partials, and Faery Tales and Nightmares. I got Hemlock a few weeks ago!! Squee! I am so excited to read it.

    1. I know Amy, so awesome right? I am friends with Cyn on Facebook - I told her I would give anything for a copy and the next thing I know she tells me to send her my mailing address. Then a couple of weeks later it lands on my doorstep! YAY!! :D:D
      I am excited about Hemlock too but it must wait until I have my ARCs out of the way. Partials and Fateful are out on 29th March so really need to get them read & reviews done before I can move on :)


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