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Review of FATEFUL by Claudia Gray

Author: Claudia Gray
Source: Paperback provided by Harper Collins for review
Publish Date: First published 13th September 2011. This edition to be published 29th March 2012.

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

Firstly, I just love this cover. It is so beautiful and it really stands out from the crowd. From the beautiful backdrop to the model in the glorious red dress, to the ship that appears on the back cover. I love everything about it. There is something a touch haunting about it that hints at the story held within.

From the moment I knew that FATEFUL was set on-board The TITANIC I knew it was something I wanted to read. Not because I am a hardcore Titanic-o-phile or anything - rather because I knew it would be different from books I may have read before it. I knew I wouldn't have read anything even vaguely similar and that is always an attractive quality in a book- nothing worse than reading the 'same old, same old' all the time. 

Who knew that when I picked this book up a day or two ago that I would find a paranormal love story in the mix? Not me, that's for sure. I tend not to read other people's reviews of a book until I am finished with it. I don't quite know why, except to say that I feel I might be influenced or bias because of reading someone else's thoughts.  So I didn't really know what to expect - I read the blurb on Goodreads of course, but I guess my mind skipped over the word 'paranormal': I found myself re-reading it after I put down the book, wondering how on earth I could have missed something like that. 
But no matter, I fell instantly in love with the story regardless of what I knew or didn't.

Tess Davies is living a life of indentured-servitude. She is lady's maid to Irene Lisle, daughter of the noteworthy and rich Lisle family living in England.  Tess is trapped in their employ, wishing she could break free of the family secrets and painful memories she harbours. 

It isn't until the family are booked on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, the most luxurious ship ever built, that she realises she has a chance to escape her past and start afresh for herself in a new country, New York. It might as well be a whole new world for all the promise it holds for Tess. She'll finally be free of the millstone around her neck as it were,  service of the snooty Lisle's. 

When Tess meets handsome, debonair stranger, Alec - a passenger whom travels with the first class members of society, she does not yet know that love knows no bounds. Not even the confines of class can stop this maid travelling in third class and handsome gentleman in first class from falling madly in love with each other.  But Alec beholds a dangerous secret, one that sees both he and Tess embroiled in a dangerous game. 

There is a sinister passenger also aboard the Titanic, he goes by the name of Mikhail. He is part of an even more sinister society called the Brotherhood and he will stop at nothing until he has Alec in his clutches. He wants to induct Alec into the Brotherhood and little do Tess & Alec know it but Tess is a pawn in Mikhail's little game. 

As the story is set on the Titanic, we all know how that story ended so you know that it doesn't end well for those on-board. That alone is sad enough. But add in this beautiful, tragic love story and you have the perfect ingredients for a real tear-jerker.  If you, like me, are an emotional reader then I suggest having a box of tissues at the ready before you sink in to FATEFUL.  It is written with passion, joy, sadness and sorrow. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. There were real high points but inevitably, there are moments when you just lose yourself to the tears. 

I will admit to crying twice myself. The last time of which was at the end of the book and I felt the need to just sit in contemplative silence for a while to gather my thoughts before attempting to write this review.

I have much love for Claudia Gray's passionate style of writing. She leaves no stone unturned in the path to a beautiful befitting ending. 
At first I wasn't sure whether she had first come up with the love story or if she wanted to write something set aboard the Titanic and the love story took place second. I'm still now not even sure in which order she found these two things. Instead I am only sure of their connection. For those of you not sure that a 'Paranormal Romance' should take place in such a setting -  let me tell you that the way Claudia Grey connects the two is seamless and beautiful. There is a fluidity to it that makes you sure the two things are combined in a way that leaves you in no doubt of their belonging.

Thank you to Harper Collins for providing me with the chance to read something that touched my heart and has fast become one of my favourite stories of all time. There is nothing I love more than a good book that can invoke as much feeling as this one has.

Thank you to Claudia Gray for having the courage to write FATEFUL. In my opinion it takes some doing to come up with a story like this one and I for one am glad you did. 

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