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Review of FEVER by Lauren DeStefano

Title: FEVER
Source: Provided by HarperVoyager for review
Publish Date: 16th February 2012

I hereby award this book 5 stars!

Firstly, I love this cover. I have loved both the covers in the Chemical Garden Trilogy so far but this is my favourite.

When I knew that FEVER was coming out, I asked Rosi at Harper Collins for an ARC. She said that HarperVoyager were sending them out and I would get it soon. Unfortunately, the first one got lost so I had to wait for another one. Luckily that arrived on Monday so when I finished my previous book, I picked it straight up.

I adored this book from beginning to end. I had not long read WITHER so the story of Rhine Ellery was fresh in my mind. Having been left hanging at the end of Wither, I was only too happy to be sucked right back in.
For me personally, FEVER was even better than Wither. Where I awarded 4 stars before, this is a straight 5 star in my opinion.
Lauren DeStefano's writing has a way of drawing you in to the deepest darkest corners of Rhine's world and leaving you trapped. Not that I minded, in the slightest.

This time around, Rhine and Gabriel are free. But at what cost? Surely nothing as good as their freedom should come without a price?

Washed up on shore, they find themselves being captured by Madame Soleski. A cruel and bitter ringmistress if ever there were one. Madame isn't at all happy that the pairl have turned up. She believes them to be spies or to have had spies follow them there. Truly a more evil woman I am yet to meet.  (I found myself thinking that her and Housemaster Vaughn would make a great couple. Bitter, twisted, perfect for each other).

Rhine and Gabriel find themselves thrust into a world that is no better than the world they came from. They are drugged, forced to work in Madame's twisted carnival. Rhine is to be her star attraction, her 'Goldenrod'. From one life where she is forced to do things others want her to, to yet another world where she must do things against her will for the entertainment of Madame and her clients. 
I couldn't help but feel sorry for Rhine being 'free' of Housemaster Vaughn and the life she had. It seemed to me that maybe, she might have been better off where she was. 

For this young couple, the road to freedom is a long and fraught journey. What's worse is that Housemaster Vaughn is still determined to find Rhine and bring her back to the mansion. At any cost.

Will she ever be free? Will she ever find Rowan, her twin? 

The emotions in this book made me well up with tears more than once. I can honestly say I didn't really feel happy. There were just times when I felt a little less sad. 
I can't wait to see what happens in the final book in this trilogy. I can't help but hope that there will be a little ray of light to penetrate the darkness that Rhine is in. Whilst I know that the road must be rough and it cannot go from such despair to the height of happiness, I do hope to see Rhine experience true happiness, be it just remotely. Even if it's only for a short time, it would be good to see one real smile on her face. After everything she has been through and is no doubt yet to go through, I hope there can be one shining moment for her.

Thanks to Lauren DeStefano for creating this Dystopian masterpiece. Thanks to HarperVoyager who provided this copy of FEVER. 

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