Saturday, 31 March 2012

Would You Adam And Eve It?....

Not sure if the title of this post will be understood by all, so I will clear it up for you... It means 'Would you believe it?'

On with my news...

I got a very interesting email from a lady called Cami. She's from Reading Addiction Blog Tours. Amongst other things said in the email she said this:

"I have had a chance to stop by your blog and I really feel you would be a great addition to our Blog Tour Host Team."

I was absolutely overwhelmed upon reading this. I feel highly honoured that someone has looked at my blog and liked what they saw enough to offer me an opportunity like this. Needless to say I signed up right then. I am now waiting to be a part of my first Blog Tour for RABT. 

So it is now with pride that I can say I am an official blog tour host:

Want to know more about RABT? Click here for their blog!

You know what? This wouldn't have even been possible were it not for all you fabulous Indie Authors that are at my roots. You gave me the faith to believe and the strength to pursue my book reviewing. Every time I have an author thank me for my review, it touches my heart in a way you can't imagine. 
Also, thanks must go to Harper Collins and Macmillan, indeed to any publisher that takes a chance on me and my reviewing. Without you all behind me, I would be nowhere.

And where would I be without my family and friends. You make me who I am today. I am proud to know each and everyone of you. From those I know in person, to those I've met on Twitter and other social sites. I love you all. You all have a place in my heart. My book blogger friends are amazing. Such a support network a girl could not ask for. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would make such fantastic connections. But now, today, you are all my family. My bookworm family.

to you all! xoxoxo

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  1. Aww this is great Keren. I know how you feel, it's the best feeling in the world to be thanked for a review or for someone to even post a comment on your blog. :D xo


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