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Here for your reading pleasure, I have an excerpt from one of the books featured in this anthology; TOMORROW'S CHILD by Starr West:


A New Earth 

     The sun rose over a new earth, not the promised land, pristine in its perfection, but a devastated land, bathed in the blood of humanity and washed clean by the tears of the Goddess.

     Many people blamed the Christian God; it seemed only fair that someone shouldered the blame, but even a vengeful god wouldn’t go to these extremes. The truth was that the demise of civilisation was caused by mankind’s ignorance and greed. In the end, the enemy of humanity was humanity itself.

     Interestingly, no one blamed the Goddess, who controlled the cycles of the earth and was Mother of the natural world to some. Who would blame a nurturing Goddess when so many others stood to gain so much? Still, many ignored the Goddess and the old religion that had served earth since time began.

     Nevertheless, the world had been at war for almost twenty years and governments sent soldiers into battle, promising peace; although war was never for the sake of peace, but for power, vengeance, and the control of dwindling resources. In one day alone, seven nations vanished as if they’d never existed. Their leaders issued orders from foreign shores and bombed sacred lands until dawn. By then, there was no one left to shed a tear. 

     Governments lied, and should, by right, have carried the blame, but lies and deception were so embedded into their structure that even they were ignorant of the truth. Neglect was easier; ignorance made the populace content and fear controlled them. Propaganda was simply a creative means to satisfy an apathetic population. In the end, the governments were nothing more than powerless figureheads trying to rule a crumbling world. 

     Corporations, on the other hand, were neither powerless nor figureheads; they actually held the power to affect it all. They held governments to ransom and controlled the daily lives of the people, though few realised this until it was almost over. When scientists identified the green plague, blame fell directly into the hands of the corporate giants, who refused to accept responsibility for the mutant genes that spawned the plague in the first place. 

     Mutated genetic material in the food chain created a new microvirus that produced chaos in the human body. It caused the body to develop phosphorescent skin and blood that glowed under ultraviolet light. It might have been fun, if it hadn’t mutated into psychotic mania and ultimately, death. The green plague became a tragic reminder that corporations shouldn’t screw with nature and this alone made everything else seem minor. 

      All this occurred against a backdrop of natural disasters and extreme weather events. First, Mother Nature cried, but no one noticed, then she yelled and screamed and still, she was ignored. Finally, she exploded in fury; but by then, she was only cleansing away the filth. 
The truth? It was all of this and more. It was the abuse of a ravenous population, the neglect by egotistical governments, the insatiable greed of corporations, the fallout of vengeful wars and nature purifying the earth the only way she could. 

      The source of the problem, however, began an eon ago, hidden in the mysteries that were given to humanity by the gods. As time passed, the mysteries became secrets, concealed in the shadows, stolen from humanity and twisted into lies or buried in sacred tombs. What no one realised was that the truth could have changed everything. The truth could have saved humanity.

Has this left you thirsty for more? Then maybe this will quench your thirst; Starr West is giving away a copy of TOMORROW'S CHILD. 

But before we get to that, let's learn more about the author:

Starr lives a rural life in Far North Queensland, Australia. She is a wife and a mother to four amazing and sometimes boisterous boys.

Writing has always been a passion but it wasn’t until she was asked, ‘If you died tomorrow, what is the one thing you’d regret?’

It’s a pretty confronting question but the answer was to write and publish a novel. That was enough motivation to get started and within 6 months, she had finished the first draft of Tomorrows Child, the first book in a series of Paranormal Fantasy Novels.

Starr is involved in a number of community projects and enjoys learning ‘lost skills’ such as baking bread, making soap and candle making. Her boys can light a fire with two sticks and find their way out of the rainforest.

When she isn’t running after children or writing, she can be found in the garden growing vegetables or in the kitchen making things from scratch.

Starr Says:

"I began writing Tomorrows Child in about 2009 and finished the first draft in about 6 months. I have lost count of the number drafts this story has been through and the amount of times it’s been edited. At one time, I actually thought I’d lost the manuscript in a computer meltdown. In 2011, I enlisted a professional editor, designed my cover and finally made the decision to self-publish.
These days, I spend my time juggling family life with work, writing, promoting and reading work from other self-published authors. When I am not writing for myself or for others, I am usually hanging out in the garden. 
We are fortunate to live in a small country town where life is simple and the pace is a little slower than it would be if we lived in the city. We still manage to fill our days with activity but it seems less stressful! 
I am currently working on the second book in the series and expect to publish it in the second half of 2012. 

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Now as promised, TOMORROW'S CHILD is up for grabs, all you have to do is.......

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And of course, there are other participating authors in this anthology, Starr is only one of 6. To find out more about the other 5, please be sure to go to Starr's blog post, here:
Blog Tour Post for author bios and information about their books.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. You have done an amazing job! I realy appreciate everything and I am sure the other Authors will too.
    Many Many Thanks
    Starr xxx

  2. I tweeted and stalked you!!/kimbacaffeinate/status/186859754440769538
    I loved the excerpt and cannot wait to read it!


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