Saturday, 14 April 2012

Get It While It's Hot...!!!

So, you read Eve Eden vs The Zombie Horde and have been awaiting the next installment? Well I can now bring it to you for FREE!! This is a Limited Time offer. Ends May 1st 2012.

Title: Eve Eden vs The Blood Sucking Vampires
Author: Suz Korb.
Click here to find it on Smashwords.
Coupon Code: GH65C

"A year ago the town of Twin Forest was almost overrun by zombies, an incident so hellish it turned Eve Eden's hair white. She now dyes it black to suit her mood. A mood that's worsened when she's abducted by vampires and taken to England once again.

Enter James. He's sixteen years old like Eve and he also possesses a secret as volatile as her own. James is English and he's got a smokin' hot accent to rival Nathan's. Ah, Nathan, Eve's moody would-be vampire boyfriend. That is, he would-be her boyfriend if he'd stop acting so intense all the time.

As for the other moody vampires, they've only got one mood and it's an angry foul tempered one. Not even Thunderbug and his epic farts help much when it comes to facing off against the blood sucking vampires." 

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