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Review of EXILED by M.R Merrick

Author: M R Merrick
Source: E-book supplied by the author for review.
Publish Date: 28th June 2011.

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

Firstly I want to say I love this cover. How stark it is yet with the representation of fire and water it is so powerful. Why does that matter? You'll see for yourself once you read this book. If you haven't yet read it and you're not sure whether you will, take a seat and I will try to convince you.

I always ask myself the same question before I start writing a review. That question is... 'What do I have to offer in my review that others have not given in theirs?' As you know there are many reviewers out there, many of those are better at it than me. But what makes me different, what I have to offer is MY opinion. How the book makes ME feel. 

So how did this book make me feel? Let me fill you in...

EXILED was not what I was expecting. I'm not quite sure exactly what I expected, but I can say that it surpassed my expectations and hopes for how good it would be. It was amazing and has fast become one of my new favourite books by one of my new favourite authors. 
For a start, it came from a male POV, how unusual is that in this market?! Well I have only read 2, perhaps 3, so it's unusual for me, at least. 

Demon hunter Chase Williams is the son of Riley and Tessa Williams. The family are part of the Circle. Or at least they were. Until now.
(you can find out exactly what the Circle is for yourself)

On Chase's 15th birthday, he stepped up to the altar, ready to invoke his elemental power. Only trouble is, it never came. Riley's dad is a proud man and he has an affinity for fire. So it is a disgrace to him that his son, his flesh and blood has no elemental power. Not only has Chase brought shame on himself, but his dad and the Circle as a whole. Or at least that's what Riley believes. 
Chase's mom however, isn't ashamed of her son. She loves him and is proud of him, no matter what. 

It's because of this that Chase and his mom are exiled from the Circle. Forever to spend their lives on the outside. Everything they once had, torn from them in an instant. 
But that doesn't really bother Chase. Him and his mom have each other and at the end of the day, that is what matters. 

Life on the outside of the Circle isn't without it's problems. There's always a demon or two that needs dispatching. Chase is always coming home with cuts and bruises. It's a good thing then that his mom's affinity is for water, a calming, healing element. 
It's during an altercation with a demon that Chase meets Rayna and Marcus. Oh boy is that an explosive meeting. Alas, I will not spoil it for you. You need to read it and see for yourself.

Life just isn't the same after meeting them though. Rayna is a chick with attitude. Or should that be a demon with an attitude? Anyway, her bark is almost as bad as her bite. But it has to be said I loved Rayna. She is such a sassy, smart, kickass chick. Demon or no. 

At this point, I am loathe to stop talking about the story itself, but I know I must as I fear I will spoil your reading pleasure.
All I can tell you is that this book really is superb. It has demons, vampires, a kick-ass hero and heroine. EXILED truly has it all.

I am one of those people who is on the fence about the vampire genre. There was a time when it was all I read, but then my reading tastes broadened. I know some people will look at a vampire book and think "Oh god no, not another vampire book" and others will think the opposite. Me? I sit on the fence because I know that though some people think that vampires are on their way out, I know that there are still some good books to be had. This is one of those books. It's not just vampires in EXILED, it's true, but the ones that are in it? They are a whole new take on vampires. I won't tell you how, or why. All I can say is, I love Matthew Merrick's take on them. It's refreshing and shakes up what you believe.

I want to share with you one of my Goodreads status updates, I think it pretty much sums up how I feel:

"More than just mere words on a page, Matthew Merrick is an artist of the greatest kind. Every word paints a picture, the beauty of which I cannot describe- you must behold it yourself to believe it. A talented author draws you into the world they create, there is not yet a word invented for the mastery with which this book pulls you in, sucks you under and doesn't release it's grip"

The cast of characters in this story were so much fun. Whether it was Rayna being sassy, Chase complaining, Willy stuttering, I loved it all. Wait til you meet Willy. He's a demon with a stutter and I just adore him. This story would not be the same were it not for the inclusion of the stu-stuttering Willy!

EXILED was fast-paced, action packed and from the get-go I was hooked. I was literally on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, waiting to see what happened next. 

I am delighted that Matthew Merrick gave me this book to review. It's safe to say that I will be reading SHIFT (The Protector#2)  when I get a chance. I can't wait to find out what happened next.

So I say to you, go buy this book. You won't be sorry you did.

You can find it here:

Thank you Matt for letting me read this wonderful book. I am so in awe of you right now. You sky-rocketed right onto my favourite authors list :)

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