Monday, 9 April 2012

Review of OF POSEIDON by Anna Banks

Author: Anna Banks
Source: ARC provided by Macmillan via Net Galley
Expected Publish Date: 22nd May 2012

I hereby award this book 5 wings!
(though I would give it far more if it were possible)

When I first saw this book cover, I simply thought "Stunning". There are plenty more words to describe it, yes. But my question is why, when one word sums it up so well?! It is striking and beautiful in it's simplicity.
So given that I am a book cover addict, a self-confessed magpie who adds covers like this to her collection, I needed to know that the blurb for this book was just as good.
I looked it up on Amazon and knew there and then that it was something I MUST read.
So imagine my pure joy when 3 months before the release date, I see that they have the Galley on Net Galley - and it just so happens that I am auto-approved for anything I want from Macmillan.
Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was absolutely jumping with joy.

I finally managed to sit down to read it on 16th February and like a fish to bait, it was definitely the catch of the day. Maybe even the year!

OF POSEIDON was simply the most seductive book I have read in a long time. It had me in it's grips from the first word and it still hasn't let me go.
I expected to like it, of course I did. But I didn't know I would fall so heavily in love. Anna Banks has fast-tracked her way to my favourite authors list. I love the way she writes. She has managed to capture my heart within just the first chapter of the book. That doesn't happen often.

The characters in this story, ohmysweetgoodness, they are awesome! From the tall, sensual, delightful Galen to the hard-headed little beauty that is Emma. There are so many glorious characters in this story. I feel a little bit in love with them all.
Emma is the main character, along with the dreamy Galen. Then there's Galen's sister, Rayna. Plus Rayna's mate Toraf. There's also the lovely doctor, Dr Milligan. They all hold little pieces of my heart for various reasons. Reasons I won't divulge. The simple fact is, I would be way to 'spoilery' and you would not forgive me at all.

*swoons, I Love You Sweet Galen*

I don't want to tell you too much of the story, for exactly the same reason. My mouth would run away with me and it would detract from the immense pleasure you will get by reading OF POSEIDON for yourself.
Suffice, I feel, to say this:
Emma and ger best friend are vactioning in Florida. They are spending time on the beautiful beaches when one day Emma bumps, quite literally, smack bang wollop into the dreamy Galen.
After peeling her face off his abs, she takes a good look at him. He is quite simply stunning. Little does she know she is looking upon royalty. He is after all, the Prince of the Syrena.
Galen and Emma both feel an attraction toward each other. You can literally see the sparks flying between them. When they touch, their is a tingly sensation. And I don't just mean in the pit of Emma's stomach. Though I'm sure her stomach was also doing all kinds of acrobatics.
After a deadly scene with a shark, Galen is witness to the gifts Emma possesses, though she doesn't know about them at the time.
Galen ends up following her all the way home to New Jersey and finds himself enrolled at her school. All to see if she is the girl who can save his kingdom. To find out if she possesses the gifts of Poseidon.
Want to know more? Then I am afraid you will have to buy this sensational book for yourself. I am truly glad that I didn't have to wait until May for it. Though now I am chewing my left arm off waiitng for the next book. The only problem with getting a book like this in advance is, I have to wait even longer for the sequel.
Anna Banks is by far one of the most talented debut authors I have come across in my time as a reader. She managed to hook me and reel me in with her beautiful words and they way in which she was able to create a world I was constantly desperate to discover more about.
This is the first book I have read about mermaids, and I really regret calling them that, Galen wouldn't thank me for it, I'm sure. So what I mean to say is, it's the first book I have read about Syrena. There, that's better.
I was in awe of the glorious world and characters that Anna weaved. It feels like she cast a magic spell over me and I was constantly trying to find spare time to read.
It took me longer to finish than I would have liked. I wish I'd been able to dedicate more time in one sitting to it. However, I also wanted to draw it out so that it wasn't over too soon.
Alas, the ending crept up on me far faster than my heart would have liked. And what an ending it was.
Words cannot describe how my heart was pounding as I read that final page, so I won't even try. All I can say is, it was a complete stunner. Something I didn't see coming.
That's the thing about this story on the whole, it was stunning. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments. Times when I wanted to punch someone, namely Rayna. There were times I wanted to smack Galen upside his beautiful royal head. Then there were the moments my eyes welled up and I could not stop the tears from falling.
There were so many little intricacies that were brought to light as the story unfolded. Even the times I couldn't help but cry were a delight.
Thank you Anna for writing such a beautiful, moving story. I eagerly await the next book. I only hope I can get that as an ARC from Net Galley too.

To pre-order OF POSEIDON for yourself:


  1. What a great review - now that will absolutely have to be on my to-read list! I could practically sense you jumping up and down while writing this post XD I love how you didn't give away too much detail; I'm just so intrigued now ;D

  2. Thank you Sherlyn. I really did jump up & down lol.
    I do try not to give too much away, but enough that you are intrigued about the book - And in your case, it worked :0) xo

  3. Awesome review hon!! I know how excited you were when you finished this book. Glad to see that you have your review up now. :) I have this to read too, but I won't be able to get to it for another few weeks.


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