Friday, 20 April 2012

WIN Bryn's necklace from DEAD RADIANCE!!

Now folks, I have a stunning giveaway for you today. It's brought to you by none other than the wonderful author T.G Ayer - author of DEAD RADIANCE.

Tee wanted to thank her fans by giving you a chance to win a beautiful necklace from the book. So without further ado....

Do you want to win a replica of the Valkyrie Brynhildr’s necklace-
 a piece of the famed Brisingamen, prized necklace of the Goddess Freya? 

The necklace in question?...


How to participate


Post a Photograph of yourself with your copy of DEAD RADIANCE either e-Book or paperback and tag Tee's author page so it shows up in her feed/photos.

or if you don’t have FB

Post a link to your pic in the comment section below, along with your email address for prize notification.

Feel free to follow T.G Ayer on Twitter to keep up with the results.

*Competition ends 9th May 2012*

Winners chosen using


Note from Gothic Angel: Folks if you don't have a copy of DEAD RADIANCE already, firstly I ask "why not?" and secondly, if you know someone who does and would be interested in this beautiful prize, PLEASE tell them about this giveaway. Also, if I can ask you to tweet a link to this post to keep it circulating until the closing date... That would be awesome of you! Thank you so much, Y'all are my rock stars!

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