Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fifty Shades Characters... My Ultimate Christian Grey.

So it seems that everyone has their 'Christian' - for me it was initially a choice between three. I thought I would share with you my choices and my reasons for why I chose MY ultimate Mr Grey...!

We have Matt Bomer, Alexander Skasgard and Ian Somerhalder.

I look at these gorgeous men and know that any of the three have the look, yes a little playing with their hair and contacts for the right look - but nevertheless, all of them have the possibility. 

So now for who I chose and why...!

My ultimate Christian is... Alexander Skasgard!

Why him? Well, as any of us who watch True Blood will know, he plays the character of Eric Northman so well. He's charismatic, enigmatic, has a salacious grin... He has the kind of quality that says he would play the ideal Dom.. I mean Eric, he is very domineering... So we know that Alex can pull it off!

So why did I choose him over the other two? Well, I looked at Matt Bomer and could see that he has the sex appeal. However, I've only seen him in White Collar and the film In Time... Neither character has that edge that's required for Christian. I just can't see Matt being able to pull it off. 

As for Ian Somerhalder? We know from seeing him in Vampire Diaries that he has that bad-boy charm. He's beautiful, he's kinda scary, he's oh so HOT - but I feel he's missing that certain something. What, I'm not quite sure. I mean he has the capability to pull off being a Dom... but... Ugh I can't explain it!!

My ideal Christian and Ana would be ...

Yes, I know, in this picture Anna Paquin is blonde, and the length and style of Alex's hair is too short... ignore that and see beyond to the qualities the two possess... 
If you watch True Blood, you will know that Alex is the ultimate domineering guy and Anna is the ultimate 'Not-so-Submissive'...

So there you have it, my honest opinion.
I'd love to hear/see yours...

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