Wednesday, 2 May 2012

In My Mailbox

I haven't posted what's in my mailbox for a while, but I've had some lovely books.
I don't buy or receive books every week so it's hard to make this a weekly kind of post really. So I'll just do a round-up every so often.

What did I get recently? Well there's....

I love the look of this book. It looks quite stark, the fact that it's nearly all in white. Then there's the fact the girl has heterochromia - what an unusual cover. I love the sound of this book - seriously cannot wait to get to it! 

I love this cover. It's really beautiful in the flesh too. I love the guys face in the sky.
Blurb sounds great and I can't wait to read it!

I loved the previous two books! Can't wait to see what this one is like!

I don't know if you agree but for me, this cover is stunning! I love it in the flesh too. So very pretty!
I love fairytales and I love things with darker vibes, so this sounds 'enchanting' :0)
The funny thing about this book was, on the day I ordered it, HMH Kids were having a giveaway of this to their next 5 followers - and I won. Me, the girl who never wins anything!! So, I decided that I would give my copy away when my other one arrives from the US.

I loved all the Morganvilles that preceded this and I can NOT wait to read this one!! WOOT!! 

I love this cover and the book is amazing. I am near finished and I love it!! :D:D
I have 2 paperback copies coming soon. 1 of those is for giveaway! So stay tuned!

I loved the previous 2 books and I can't wait to get to this! :D

I love this cover. This photo was taken on instagram and it just makes the cover look so awesome. I love the cover for the next book JACKAL MOON too.
The book sounds awesome! Can't wait to get a chance to read it! :D

In My Email:

This sounds like a very interesting book! Will let you know what I think! 

This sounds amazing. and of course the purple cover does it no harm lolol

Look at this beautiful cover! And the blurb sounds amazing! I am on the blog tour for this. YAY!!

Look at this for a cover *drools* I love it. I got this from Kate for review! :D

Rayne gifted me this after me asking about it being available in paperback. Unfortunately it isn't but Rayne was sweet enough to give me the e-book for review *squee*

Via Net Galley:

There's been a problem at the warehouse so my physical copy is delayed, so Rosi approved me for the eGalley. YAY!! It looks great and I  have heard good things.

This looks awesomesauce. 'Nough said! lol

The cover-magpie in me is in love with this cover. It's just beautiful.
The blurb sounds brilliant, so let's see shall we?! :D

I've heard nothing but good things about this book! I look forward to reading it!

Some freebies I got on Amazon:

What a pretty cover. And it sounds really interesting!

This is a bonus story for Intangible (see above)

I thought I bought this ages ago, but I had only put it on my wishlist. I have it now though! YAY :D

Being a purple addict, this drew me in straight away! It looks superb. Not just the cover, the blurb too :d

I saw this on Facebook when someone was advertising freebies. Can't wait to give it a go. What a cover!! :D 

The author posted the link to this on my Facebook wall when it was a 2 day free event!
Sounds intriguing! And I love the cover.

This is beautiful. Just look at this cover!! I saw this as another Facebook freebie event. YAY!! :D

Sorry folks, long post, I know. I had some great books but totally haven't done an IMM post for a while (as you can see) Thanks for swinging by to look. If you haven't already, you should look up these freebies on Amazon.
As always, click the title to be taken to Goodreads to add to your own TBR!

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