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This post is part of the Team #CANDORUK campaign for #INSURGENTUK. Click on the picture above for more information.

Firstly, let's see my DIVERGENT tattoo: (position: back of my left shoulder)

When I first read Divergent in December 2011 (I know, I know, I was late to the party) I knew as soon as Tris walked into the tattoo parlour that I would most likely get one myself to commemorate this book. When she got 3 birds, I knew I had to get that if I went ahead.
So when I got my UK cover copy from Rosi at Harper Collins and this was on there, I knew it was a sign. So I took the book to the tattoo parlour with me and had them draw it up.
Less than an hour later, I came out and this was my result. Beautiful. Don't you agree?

At that time, DIVERGENT was my favourite ever book - in fact it still is - but when I looked at INSURGENT, I knew I had to have a tattoo to commemorate that too. So, I thought about it and decided to have the Amity tree from the front cover.
That is until I was sitting at home about 2 hours before my tattoo was booked - and decided I wanted the Dauntless flames instead!

(position: left forearm)

I'm a woman, I'm entitled to change my mind. Right?! Well, actually, I looked at all the Faction symbols and what they stood for - then I decided that Dauntless is probably a) where I would want to end up (as it happens, I think I'd rather be Divergent but as it isn't a faction, there isn't a symbol) and b) worked the best as a tattoo.

*I actually had the writing at the same time - it's from another book, but the reason I didn't crop it out of this photo was because I looked at it and thought 'you know what, it has meaning for how strong I believe Tris is.' It means, "I Yield To No-One"...* 

A week after having my Dauntless flames, I decided I needed to get the Candor Scales on my other forearm. I wanted them for 2 reasons. 1 was because it's a symbol from the books & I like it, 2 because I am on team #CANDORUK for this campaign - I wanted something to remind me of that!

So there we have my three beautiful tattoos. Someone told me that I'm stupid for having them because (and I quote) "It's only a book..." Which prompted me to get defensive and say "Actually, they may be only books to you. But to me, books are a huge part of my life. Not only am I a book reader, but a reviewer too. I simply live and breathe books. Then there's the fact that these are 2 of my favourite ever books - and I shall probably get another when the last book comes out too." 
My reason for having these tattoos is quite simple, is it not?! I have lots of tattoos, not all of them have much meaning behind them, as they were done when I was younger and just decided to have things I thought were pretty. Now I am older and wiser and my ink has more meaning - these are actually 3 of my favourite ever tattoos. 

So my question, if anyone wishes to comment is this: 
"Am I foolish for getting these tattoos? And if you think I am, why?"
I'm proud of them either way you turn, so it won't affect me whatever answer you choose to give - I'm just interested in people's opinions.

*I promise, I won't delete any comments, negative or otherwise, let a frank discussion be had*

Thank you all for popping by to see my post. And extra thanks to those that choose to comment.


  1. No! You're not stupid for getting these tattoos! They mean something to YOU, not other people. Tattoos remaind me of art, some people like it and some people don't. Some people will look at an artist like Tracey Emin and say 'that's not art' but it is to her and it's personal to her, it means something to her just like your tattoos are the same to you.
    I have a rose tattoo that my mum picked for me, I actually think it looks more like a tulip which is fine by me because tulips are one of my fav flowers. And I know people always say girls always get flowers or butterflies but my choice came from my mum, we both love flowers and spending time in the garden and I have always thought of it as a symbol of life and regrowth. It will always remained me of my mum & she loves roses.

    Brill post!

    1. Thank you! :D I have 12 tattoos, but actually, only 6 of them mean something close to me. The others were just things I thought were pretty at the time.
      I think the rose for your mom is a beautiful sentiment. I think that is a wonderful thing to do x

  2. Great post, Keren, they're great tattoos!
    I don't think I would personally get a tattoo of something from/to do with a book, but that's just me. You're explanation shows quite clearly that they mean something to you, and that's what counts. Does it matter that the inspiration for the meaning came from a book? Of course not. You are your own canvas. If it's personal to you, then it's all good! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Jo! I have just these 3 from books so far but will probably get one last one from the third book in this trilogy! :D Each to their own and all that ey?! lol

  3. I love your tattoos!! I'm actually quite tempted to get the birds done myself lol. I think that anyone who gets any tattoo without thinking it through properly is stupid but I don't think there is such a thing as a stupid tattoo if it means something to the person who has it (if that makes any sense lol). What I'm trying to say is that we should all take our time to choose the tattoos that are right for us and we shouldn't care what anyone else thinks of them.

    I have a tattoo of the breedmark symbol from Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series (it's an adult paranormal romance series). Lara is my favourite author & I absolutely adore those books so my tattoo means something to me - other people may think it was silly to get a tattoo from a book but why is that any less valid than someone getting a cartoon character or some other random item? I also have a dragon that I designed myself (well cobbled together taking bits from lots of different dragon pictures I found on google), I've always loved dragons & I designed it so it is in kind of an S shape to stand for my name. Finally I have 13 stars of different sizes that start at the bottom of my neck & work their way down between my shoulder blades. The number of stars doesn't have any particular meaning but I saw something similar and just fell in love with the way it looks.

    Anyway, I think your Divergent / Insurgent tatts are awesome & like I said I'm very tempted to get the birds done myself lol. Thanks for sharing the pics & Go Team #CANDORUK!! :o)

    1. Thanks Sarah! Go on, get the birds!! :D:D Your dragon sounds amazing!! I'm not familiar with the book you got the breedmark from, sounds like something I might be looking up!! :D
      Definitely go Team #CANDORUK!! Hope we find out soon who won!

  4. You know I love your tattoos Keren :D The 3 birds are my favourite though & I could definitely see my self having something similar. I love tattoos & have my own tattoo kit, not very good at it lol but my partner is better & her done his fist tattoo on me, which is kinda cool :)Great post.

  5. Love them all. What book is the Cedo nulli from?? I'm curious. It sounds like we may have similar tastes in books, if you like Divergent. Also, if you haven't, you MUST MUST MUST read the Mortal Intruments books. City of Bones is the first one. The movie comes out next fall, 2013. There are five in the series, and I loved each one, laughing through my tears over them all.

    1. Hi Sierra, Cedo Nulli is from Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent - awesome book!!
      I keep meaning to try the Mortal Instruments but get waylayed lol ;)

  6. WOW!!! Excellent choices! Even someone who hasn't read Divergent would be able to appreciate the quotes and symbolism, and how they relate to life in general.

    1. Thanks Wendy. I love them and am proud to bear them - the quote is something I see every day now & it really is true - one choice really can transform you! My one choice transformed me into a blogger/reviewer! :D


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