Friday, 18 May 2012

What Is Age Appropriate Reading Material For Your Child(ren)?

Okay Guys & Gals, I have a question for you, as the title would suggest. But I won't ask right now. Read my post then, feel free to share your opinion.

So, what did I come across to ask this question? Well....

There's this woman - for the sake of this post, let's call her Emma - and she has an 11 year old daughter - let's call her Nicola. 
Anyway, Emma has no qualms whatsoever with allowing Nicola to read inappropriate materials for her age. Or at least in my honest opinion, they are inappropriate. But who am I to judge? you might ask. Well, we're all entitled to our own opinions, this just happens to be mine.

I know you are sitting there thinking well okay, but what are these things she allows her young daughter to read? So I will tell you.

I couldn't tell you any specific titles of  books because I don't know myself. All I know is that she has no problem with letting Nicola read things containing explicit sex scenes, amongst other things. It was really the fact of the sex scenes that I had the problem with. And now I guess you might be asking why....

Yes, I believe that we all need to learn about sex, but at the right age. Is 11 the right age? I don't honestly profess to know the answer to that. I don't have an 11 year old myself so haven't had to make that decision.  I think it's appropriate to learn about it in school, in Sex Education, when teachers have parents consent to teach that kind of thing. 
Okay so admittedly Sex Ed wasn't the first time I knew what sex was and everything has moved forward since my days in school - But we're not talking about Sex Ed classes here, we're talking about letting your daughter read books that you know are highly explicit.

At that age, I was not allowed to read that kind of thing (and nor would I have wanted to, to be honest) I read things like What Katy Did, The Hobbit,  Black Beauty, they were my summer reads. 

If I had an 11 year old daughter, I'd let her read YA fiction, sure. I know that a lot of YA books allude to the idea of sex, but they do not describe it in any particularly explicit detail. Those kinds of things are what you would expect from Adult Fiction or Erotica. These being the kinds of things I would NOT let my young daughter anywhere near. If she was 18, sure. But come on, the girl's 11 for heavens sake. 

I say, stop letting the girl read whatever the hell she likes, take control of what you allow her to read. 
Okay so she may Google the subject, either alone or with friends and they are curious. Whatever. If that happens, then sit her down and talk to her. But do not hand your 11 year old child a book you know to be Adult Fiction. That just does not sit right with me. And I'll tell you for why. What I learned in Sex Ed was nothing like as explicit as some of those scenes can get. They taught me the basics, fine. I'm all for children being taught the basics when they reach an appropriate age. But leave the rest for her to learn as she grows up. When she's older, let her be the judge of what to read. But for now, be the parent and don't let her read stuff she just isn't ready to know. 

So, I guess what I am asking you guys is this... Would you be comfortable handing your 11 year old daughter or son something that you knew to be of a highly explicit nature? 

**If you are going to answer my question, please be aware that I will leave the comments section open to all who are willing to wade in - whether you agree with my opinion or not, I would love for you to comment. I really want to see what you all have to say.
Having said that, if I find your comments to be abusive toward me for my opinion, then please be aware that your comments will not be responded to and will be deleted. I won't delete comments that are just disagreeing with me - just any that are taken to be offensive**

Thank you for taking the time to read this post whether you comment or not. 


  1. I will not let my 11yer old read sex book at all I think age should be 17yer old that me...maybe 16 idk about but not 11 or 12 just a no no I think it might. Get them thinking u no about that stuff and they don't need that yet :) what every one thinking about ?

    1. This is true. It gets them thinking about things they aren't ready to do.. things they aren't old enough to do. I think letting them read that kind of thing encourages them to go and explore this sort of thing (physically) sooner.... But that's my opinion. IDK maybe I'm more inhibited than some parents...

  2. No I wouldn't let any eleven year old child read books with extreme sexual content. It's not appropriate for that age at all, but saying that some people would say the same about a seven-teen year old (which I wouldn't). There is plenty of books out there targeted at that age range, parents should get more involved in what their children are reading (they might enjoy them too). I seen an article today about the over use of mild profanities (like damn & hell) in YA literature, which I think is laughable & ridiculous. People have too much time on their hands if they are counting words like that in YA books. =)

    1. I just wish she'd let her 11 year old read what's appropriate for an 11 year old not explicit sex scenes that she should know nothing about at her age x

  3. Are you saying this mother forced her 11 year old daughter to read a sexually explicit novel?

    1. No Suz, she just doesn't give a damn what books her daughter picks up and let's her read stuff FAR too old for her years

  4. I would let my kids read any books they wanted to. I think children are quite smart and they can decide for themselves what they'd like to read. I'd never force a book on my kids, nor would I limit their reading or take away anything I didn't want them to see. Most youngsters aren't going to want to read sexually explicit novels anyway. Even if my kid wanted to read the bible, I'd let them (even though I'm atheist). Children have their own identities and they are quite capable of choosing books to their own tastes.


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