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TOUCH OF THE GODS by D.X Luc - Character Interview With Vanessa...

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I have a treat for you on the blog today. As the post title suggests, I am bringing you a character interview with Vanessa from TOUCH OF THE GODS. This is not a YA book, it is in fact an Erotic novel.

Haven't read TotG yet? Well after this, I'm pretty sure you'll want to! :)


"When love and war makes a little wager, what could possibly go wrong?

I am Hephaestus. God of inventions, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. Sounds like I'm awesome right? Well, I'm not. In fact, I'm the loser of Olympus and a new bachelor to boot. Living the single life is great until a decade passed. Honestly if my divorce from the Goddess of Love wasn't bad enough, I am still being rejected by the other women of my home.

Because of an incessant need to make me a pawn in his game, my brother, Ares convinces Eros to make a little bet. A wager that puts my lack of love life to the test. Sent to Earth, I'm skeptical, when suddenly I lose myself in the sensual scent and beauty of the full bodied  Vanessa. She is my everything, my perfection.

Sadly, from a single caress upon her silky flesh, I sent our lives into a downward spiral of hell. To save her, I must get beyond my demons of the past. And to save me, she will have to decide if I'm worth giving up everything for."

Let's give a warm welcome to Vanessa who took some time out to be here today...

Q.What do you think of your book?
A: I found my book to be very thrilling. A roller coaster ride of the ages.

Q.Who was bigger?
A: Hephaestus of course. Have you not seen the size of him?

Q.Who was better?
A: The cheesecake.

Q.Besides the whole insanity thing if you had it to do again, would you let him touch you?
A: If you're talking about Hephaestus, then yes. If you're talking about Ares, then yes.

Q.Are you an exhibitionist?
A: Before going through what I did, I would say no, but now I really enjoy it from time to time.

Q.Besides the bathroom where else have you had public sex?
A: A park, in a chariot, a volcano. Normal places like that.

Q.What is your take on the Goddess of Love?
A: I want to say she needs love, but that would mean I actually cared.

Q.Would you save her if her life depended on it?
A: She's a goddess so that whole immortality thing will mean I won't have to ever be in that situation.

Q.How are things with your mother in law?
A: We don't see her much. She doesn't like to come to the house which is just fine with me.

Q.Has your sister tried to read any more strange men's auras?
A: If she isn't she's not complete. She's already been banned from several stores now.

Q.Is the pizza really that good at Sticky Licks?
A: It's the best and I can't wait to head home to get some more.

Q.Have you and Calvin ever, well you know done the deed?
A: Ha! No, but I would have if he ever was into me like that.

Q.Have you ever seen Calvins pogo stick?
A: Once when we were both very drunk he ran naked around college campus.

Q.What is Hades really like?
A: Creepy isn't really the word that best describes him. I'm just glad I'll never have to deal with him anymore. Or so I hope.

Q.You have met alot of Gods and Goddess? Who do you like, dislike?
A: Though I have my names, it's best to keep them to myself. They can curse you and make your life a living hell.

Q.If you had it to do again, would you?
A: I would. Though I had no say in how it all started to begin with. I am very glad how it concluded.

Q.What would you do different?
A: If I changed anything then I wouldn't be where I am now and that just wouldn't do.

Thank you Vanessa. That was intriguing, to say the least. 

If you haven't yet picked up your copy of TotG, you can get it on your Kindle today, here:

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*Disclaimer: All material for this post was provided by the author D.X Luc*

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