Thursday, 19 July 2012

My Birthday Blowout! Giveaways Galore!

Hey Guys *waves*

I have been busy organising a big birthday blowout week. It's my 29th birthday on August 22nd ~ so I thought, what better way to celebrate than have giveaways in the week surrounding the day? So from August 20th to 26th, I am giving you plenty of chances to win plenty of things!! From e-books to paperbacks, SIGNED paperbacks and swag (some of which is SIGNED too!)

Note: ALL giveaways are INTERNATIONAL so don't worry about where you live, just enter!! <3

What can we win? I hear you cry... Well, I thought I would give you an early sneak peek at what's available... Here are some photo's to whet your appetite. Please feel free to share this post on your social networks, the more people entering the better.
*Click on the photo's to enlarge them*

These are books I won from Harper Collins' Office Clearout. So I thought, what better
to do than add to my giveaway? Perfect!

I won this SIGNED copy of BLOOD DEBT from the author, Nancy Straight.
I already have my own copy (I won it when I chose the name of the book)
so I thought it would make a nice prize!

Elise at MIRAink was kind enough to donate these when I said it was my birthday.
There are two copies of PUSHING THE LIMITS available.

**AURACLE swag will be given away on August 22nd!**
This swag was sent to me by the author, Gina Rosati. She sent me an ARC of AURACLE 
as a birthday present and included 3 of these bags. So I gave 1 away, kept 1 and 
here is the other for you to win!
*It includes a singed bookmark, a magnet, a badge and a silicone bracelet*
I will also be purchasing a copy of AURACLE for the winner via Book Depository myself when the
winner is announced!

Here is a beautiful collection of swag. I have been collecting bits and bobs from when authors
send me things. 
This includes; an Angelina's Secret bookmark, a Masters of the Veil bookmark,
4 Of Darkness & Light bookmarks (1 of which has beads), 2 SIGNED bookplates from EJ Stevens - author of She Smells The Dead, 1SIGNED ReVamped bookmark, 1 Cursed bookmark (JL Armentrout), 1 PODs bookmark (Michelle Pickett), 6 SIGNED ReVamped stickers, 4 Sebastian's Angels photo's (from my team on the ReVamped Relay, 6 SIGNED Enchanted bookmarks, 3 SIGNED Auracle bookmarks and finally, 1 SIGNED Dead Radiance bookmark & card. 
What a collection! And you could be lucky enough to win some of it. 
*this is not an entire collection for one winner. It will be spread throughout the week ~ it's only in one collection for the sake of photo's being taken*

I also have an e-copy of ReVamped by Ada Adams (donated by Ada) to giveaway.

Plus there is also a paperback copy of Rapture by Lauren Kate

I have also bought some key rings and a fridge magnet that you can put your own photos in
just cos I thought they were funky!

Plus: for everyone that wins something, I have THORNTON'S soft centre chocolates in little purple bags!

So you can't say I never give you anything!

I may also have more books, that is yet to be decided. So I will update you about that when I know more. 
I haven't decided what is to be given away on what day yet apart from AURACLE on the day of my birthday itself.  I will be organising the posts and the Rafflecopter forms etc over the next few weeks.

As an added little bonus, if you come and 'like' my Facebook page, you can be entered into a draw to win a book (the book is to be decided) or a piece of swag ~ the draw will be done via

So, is this enough for you? Did it whet your appetite as I had hoped? I sure hope so!

Hope to see you all during the week of 20th~26th August! 

Please feel free to put the button and/or banner up on your own blog to encourage more people to come by and join in the fun.

Here's the button pic, just put this up with a link to this blog post

And here's the banner:

Thank you all, I hope to see you for my giveaways that week and many more!


  1. Happy *early* birthday to a fellow August baby! <3
    Mine's the 23, and my daughter's the 29 :)

    Can't wait to enter all the upcoming birthday blowout fun!!

    1. Aw thank you! Happy *early* birthday yourself and to your daughter!

      I'm still not decided on what to do and how to split things up LOL I have so much to try and decide on! :D

  2. awesome, hope it's international giveaway :)

  3. OMG! Look at all the awesomeness! It's going to be a mega birthday blowout, I can't freaking w8! You are too kind, Keren!! :)xox

    1. LOL Thanks Carly, I really wanted to celebrate my birthday with a bang. I was originally just giving away a copy of Auracle, then I thought why not make a big giveaway :D:D x

  4. Aren't people supposed to give YOU presents on your birthday? Is that a British thing? LOL! Thrilled you're including Blood Debt as one of your giveaways! Much <3, Nancy


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