Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hey Folks!

I am lucky enough to be able to bring you a first look at the cover for THE VIOLET FOX by Clare Marshall, author of Within
So, without further ado (cos that comes after the cover) I bring you...

Title: The Violet Fox
Author: Clare C. Marshall

Publisher: Faery Ink Press (http://www.faeryinkpress.com)

Release date: October 13, 2012

Genre: YA Fantasy

Formats: Paperback, eBook

There are two kinds of people in the land of Marlenia.
The Marlenians, who live on the surface,

and the Freetors, who are forced to live underground.

The war between them ended two hundred years ago, but the Freetors still fight for the right to live under the sun. Fifteen-year-old Kiera Driscoll embodies the Freetors' hopes as the Violet Fox. In a violet cape and mask, she sneaks around Marlenia City stealing food and freeing her people from slavery.

Then the Elders task her with a secret mission: retrieve a stolen tome that contains the secrets of Freetor magic, something the Marlenians both fear and covet. Kiera must disguise herself as a noblewoman and infiltrate the Marlenian castle.
Before the Freetor-hating Advisor finds out her real identity.
Before her brother is imprisoned because of the secrets he hides.
And before she falls any more in love with the prince she's supposed to hate.
More is happening in the castle than she realizes, and Kiera is faced with a difficult choice. Will she be loyal to her people and their fight for freedom, or will she be loyal to her heart?

*Sounds intriguing, right?! I know I will be getting my hands on a copy. What about you?*

Fun facts

Clare says:

-As always, my covers are designed by my boyfriend, Dave.

-The runes along the outside are made from scratch. There are 26 of them. One for each letter of the alphabet. They represent a secret code that the protagonist, Kiera, and her people can read.
-The working title for the book was FREETOR, a combination of “freedom” and “fighter”.
-This is the first book in a series, but it was originally intended to be a one-off book. The world and the characters kind of ran away with me. However, this book can be read as a stand alone.
If you would like to win one of 2 e-copies of TVF, please enter using the widget below, you have until July 31st 2012.

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Faery Ink Press
Writing by Clare Marshall

Woulds & Shoulds Editing and Design
Co-owner and Freelance Editor
Be the Author You Want to Be

Thank you as always for coming by my blog. I hope you liked the sound of The Violet Fox as much as I do and will go and check it out. I know I loved Clare's novel, Within. She is a great author and I just know you will think so too!


  1. I love it. It's so different. Think I might use a similar style if I ever wrote Steampunk.

  2. Thanks for sharing my cover, Keren! You are awesome ^^


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