Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Birthday Blowout Week ~ Day 7! The Last Giveaway!


Hi Guys! Welcome to the final day in my blowout week.
It's been so much fun this week. I have given away so many things and had my birthday in between.
I am so excited for this last giveaway. I had a friend working on a special surprise for today's winners. If you have stayed tuned to my Twitter feed all week, you may already have an inkling what it is. If not, fear not for I am about to unveil the 2 surprises. 

There will be FOUR winners.

Prize 1:
(Angel Dust pic plus BFF key ring *pictured below* plus Auracle signed bookmarks)

My friend and VERY talented artist, Sam Morris drew these for me to giveaway but I REEEEALLY want to keep them! Can I? No? Oh [bleep] I guess I will just have to settle for looking at it on here *strokes screen*
For anyone wanting to follow Sam on Twitter - you can do so here

Prize 2:
(Obsidian pic *pictured below* plus peace key ring, plus Cursed and PODs bookmarks)

Prize 3:

a paperback copy of RAPTURE by Lauren Kate
plus, the camera keyring (pic below) and 2 Entangled (Nikki Jefford) bookmarks

Prize 4:

DEAD RADIANCE bookmark & necklace card (both signed), Lily Crussell bookmarks, a fridge magnet and a flower keyring (all pic below)

Key rings are pictured here:

PLUS, you will ALL receive a Chocolate Goody Bag:

So what on earth must you have to do to win these awesome prizes...?

Well... I don't know. Should we have a Rafflecopter widget? Shall we have a draw? Hmm...

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe... I think maybe we should have a Rafflecopter widget but to make it fair to all who want to enter for one and not the other, we'll have 3 different widgets. You can enter via ALL 3 if you want to be in the running for all the prizes. You can enter just one or the other if you don't. 

So away we go:




*Terms and Conditions Apply*

  • Gothic Angel Book Reviews will not be held responsible for loss or damage in the post
  • International postage takes longer, therefore please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
Thank you everyone. Whether you joined me here at the beginning of the week, or only part way through. You have all helped make my 29th birthday a memorable one! Good Luck to each and every one of you. The previous days giveaways are not yet closed so go and enter, you might win more prizes. If you don't enter, you'll miss out on some really great prizes.

This week, we've had signed books, signed swag, e-books, 2 artist renditions of covers; ANGEL DUST and OBSIDIAN, and of course, plenty of chocolate. It has been a blast for me, I hope it has for you too!


  1. What a great selection of prizes! It's your birthday week yet you're being completely amazing by giving out all of this! I've enjoyed celebrating your birthday week ;)

    1. What can I say? It's better to give than to receive. It's a much better feeling. xoxo

  2. They seem all amazing, thank you for the giveaways!
    It was a great week,


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