Saturday, 4 August 2012

ReAwakened Relay - Early Info: Sign Up Here!

(Relay Event To Take Place in October)

Title: ReAwakened 
Author: Ada Adams
Expected Publish Date: September 2012? TBC

Synopsis: TBA

Hey guys! *waves madly* Glad to see you all here! Hope you are up for a great time because I have an event designed for you to get the most pleasure possible.
Here at the ReAwakened Relay, you can read the book in paperback, for FREE!! You will be participating in an event that means that you pass the book on to the next reader and they pass it on, so on and so forth. We are aiming to get the book as far across the globe as possible, because what's better than global domination?? [insert evil laughter]!!

Did you take part in the ReVamped Relay? Then you will know what this event entails. But for those of you who didn't participate, here's the lowdown:

You can be a blogger or just a reader in order to take part. All I ask is that if and when possible, you will review ReAwakened on sites such as Amazon (UK & US), Goodreads, Shelfari, etc. 

There can be as many teams as there are countries taking part and there is no limit on the amount of Team Members. In fact, the more the merrier and the more participants, the more prizes you stand to win!!

What do I want you, the reader/blogger, to do? Well...

The main aims of this relay are:
2. Read the sequel to our much loved ReVamped
3. Win Prizes!
4. A little friendly competition between teams to see who can win

What does the relay involve? I'll tell you. You must....

1. Read the book.

2. Post a short review (anywhere!)

Suggested places: Blog, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
The review could be as short as one or two sentences or longer. You can even Tweet the review and it will count. Just make sure that you save the link.

3. Sign in HERE.

Name, Location, Team Name, Review Link.
(ex. Sarah A., Toronto, Canada,
*Why is this important? Read the “Prizes” section to find out!*

4. Share the book.

It’s up to the reader to choose who to share the book with. This could be a friend or a family member, someone from school, someone in another town, or someone from a completely different corner of the world! Please ensure that this person is interested in reading “ReVamped” and participating in the relay, so that we can make sure they will also pass on the book. Ideally, the goal is to see how far the book can travel and how many homes (and hopefully hearts!) it can reach.

*Please understand that I’m doing this with the belief that all participants will follow an honor code and pass on the book after reading. This is a fun way to read a book, connect with friends, as well as make new ones along the way, so you do need to be an active and honest participant for it to work!


So what do I really need from you? This event is still in the planning stages and I am looking for people who want to be Team Leaders and others who just want to read the book. 

If you want to be a Team Leader, please email me at You can be from anywhere, be it US, Canada, Australia, Asia, absolutely anywhere. Just as long as you have read ReVamped so that you are up to speed. 

If you were a Team Leader for the ReVamped Relay, you still need to apply. This is due to the fact that I am throwing it open for all. So if you weren't a TL last time, you still stand a chance at being one this time. Okay?! I want everyone to stand an equal chance of being chosen. I have no favourites. The only stipulation being that you need to have read ReVamped or are currently reading it.

Ada is still currently writing ReAwakened and the ARC's aren't yet available. When Ada is ready for this event to take place, we will get under way. But I would like to have all the Team Leaders in place ready for the event to take off at a moment's notice (if possible)

If you are chosen as a Team Leader, you will receive a copy of the book for you to read. Once you have done so, you will review it and then pass it on to the first member of your team. They will then do the same thing and so on and so forth.

As for Team Members, well, that's up to the Team Leaders. As a TL you will be able to run your part as you see fit. You can choose Team Members at random or you can do as I did for ReVamped and pick them all in advance. (I have to admit this made it easier on my part, I just had to pass it on and keep in touch with the girls as they got it.) I will also say that this may be part of the reason that team Sebastian's Angels won! Go UK!!

But that being said, you can still email me if you just want to be a Team Member and I will pass your information on to the relevant Team Leader.

So please, get in touch with me as soon as possible as the publication date is looming and I am looking for our Relay to really take off as close to that date as possible. 

Remember, the main aim of this relay is for people to have FUN! There is a competition within it, but there is to be absolutely no cut-throat tactics applied here. I have little time for the kind of blogger who only takes part in these events to get themselves ahead. So, please be kind to each other within your teams but also with those within the other teams.

If as a Team Leader you are contacted by someone who isn't in your country, please pass their information on to the relevant TL - This is a friendly competition and if anything gets back to me that a TL has acted in a way that is found to be disrespectful, the TL responsible will be disqualified and another person will be put in, by me, in their stead. 

One idea I did have, feel free to tell me if you think it's silly, but I was going to have a blogger as Team Leader and a reader as a sort of Co-Team Leader thing. Bloggers may know more bloggers to take part, but Readers might know more readers to take part. If you sign up as a TL, I will give you your say and maybe put it to a vote.

Note: If you were on my team, Sebastian's Angels for the ReVamped Relay then you are automatically on my team this time around, should you wish to participate. 
If you weren't on Team SA, but wish to be this time, please email me to sign up. The more the merrier!!

Thank you all for coming by. I hope you will sign up now in order to avoid disappointment.


  1. So exciting.... Thanks for organizing this again for us Keren & Ada! I need to get my hands on that stunning book! Promise no doodles this time lmao! :)

    1. Bwahahaha!!!!! I am so honoured to be the one to organise this books relay. I am really looking forward to it taking off!


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