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Review of RESERVATION by Rachael Wade

Author: Rachael Wade
Publication Date: March 6th 2013
Source: Review copy provided by the author

A sequel to the Amazon bestselling romance, Preservation, told from Ryan’s point of view.

Old Habits Die Hard.

"Ryan Campbell is not only leaving his title of Professor behind to move on to bigger and better things at Simon and Warden Publishing, he’s also become Seattle’s rising literary star. Sitting on the overwhelming cusp of newfound fame, he learns soon enough that being popular has its downside. 

Attracted to the buzz surrounding his new career, former lovers begin to creep back into his life, and potential ones emerge with enticing advances. While he works to juggle reserved, yet stressful, wedding plans with Kate and his new public image, he has enough to manage without worrying about Carter and Dean—Kate’s loveable albeit eccentric friends—and their latest shenanigans. 

Surrounded by a lifestyle that includes temptation at every turn, Ryan finds himself immersed in a world full of scandal and lies, where his oldest weaknesses thrive and his ghosts return to haunt him. Questioning whether his life with Kate is his best path, he must discover if he’s still capable of being the man he aspired to be when she first became his, or if happily ever after is only an illusion"

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings*

As I fell utterly in love with the first book of this series, Preservation, I knew I needed to read this book as soon as possible. Thankfully, Rachael sent me a review copy and I was able to get to it after meeting other deadlines for blog tours.
Let me tell you, this book was incredible! It was just as good as the first book. Usually, I find that in reading sequels, they some how can't manage to live up to how much I loved the first book. But this time, I can happily tell you, that wasn't the case. 

If you've read my review of Preservation, you'll know I was a snotty, teary eyed mess come the end of the book. Reservation was no different. I cried constantly for the last 15%, but those tears began to fall harder at certain points {find out where for yourself}

If I'm honest, everything that Rachael Wade writes seems to make me cry. She just has the knack of affecting me in ways that many an author cannot. I feel like the characters aren't just fictional and in the pages of a book, but instead, they're real people. That's how much of a connection I have to them.

It was absolutely brilliant to read this book from Ryan's POV. When I read Preservation, I always wondered what was in his head and when Rachael said on her blog that there would be a book from Ryan, I was overjoyed. I needed to know what made Ryan Campbell tick - this was just the opportunity to find out.

When I read the blurb for this book, I was thinking "Oh dear God no. Ryan don't you dare mess it up. Don't mess around on Kate, else I'll have to jump into the book and thump you myself."
The reality is, both Ryan and Kate have suffered trauma in the past in the form of their exes. They are both so much in love with each other, yet it feels like a bomb waiting to go off. They're scared to be together because of their past, but they're in it for keeps and just want the past to disappear. It's a real shame for them when the past comes to bite Ryan in the butt and threatens to knock him off the rails, spiralling into despair. 

Ryan has a publishing contract with Simon and Warden, something he has wanted for a long time, since the days of Jamie his ex. She cheated on Ryan and made it impossible for him to go into a career as an author because he couldn't keep his own head together. Jamie was the trigger that set him off sleeping with girls from the University where he was a teacher. He was the 'use them and toss them aside' kind of guy. 
But now he's cleaned up his act, ever since Kate Parker walked into his classroom that fateful day. He and Kate have been an item for a while now and she understands all about his past. she tells him that the past is exactly where all that sort of stuff belongs.
It wasn't so long ago though that he nearly lost Kate. She took a teaching position overseas so that she could have some head-space. But Ryan went to her and they worked things out. So now, he's home alone, waiting for her to come home to him.
He's still teaching at the University until the end of the semester, then his career as an author should really take off. Especially due to the fact that the movie rights have been optioned so not only will he have a book out, but soon there will be a movie too. That's the dream right? A book and movie deal? Yeah, you might think so, but sometimes things don't work out the way you think they're meant to.
Ryan's career puts him in the spotlight. More so than he ever thought or hoped it would. People from his past come out of the woodwork to talk to the press about his attitude towards women back at the University. There are things that Ryan would rather keep under wraps, but as things so often do, they have a way of working their way to the surface.

Kate is still overseas and it's hard on Ryan not having her around. It puts an untold strain on their relationship, even if they don't see it yet.

Ryan is thrown into the spotlight, much to his chagrin. He has to go to parties and schmooze the people in the publishing world. The only thing is, Danny, his publicist, is either incapable of doing his job properly or he just doesn't care what it means for Ryan and Kate when he does certain things. {things I'll leave to you to discover}

Ryan and Kate are getting married, taking the plunge and moving in together instead of living in separate apartments. Ryan has a book and a movie coming out. Kate has a book of her own coming out. Things couldn't get better than that, right? Well you need to read Reservation for yourself to find out.

I adored this book and I think Rachael Wade is one amazing author. She writes fluidly and flawlessly. She has a habit of making her characters delicious and irresistible. This book was no exception to that rule. In fact it probably proves the rule.
If there's one thing Rachael knows how to do, it's keep her readers hooked and guessing what will happen next. From one moment to the next, I couldn't tell where she was taking this story. There was lots of drama, tears and tantrums. I had to put the book down a couple of times because I was upset and because I wanted to prolong the story. I was reading it far too quickly and all too soon it was over. 

For people who know me, you know I loved Fifty Shades of Grey. But those of you who know me better will know that I think Preservation and Reservation beat the Fifty trilogy hands down. Rachael is a truly amazing author and if I could aspire to be an author, it would be Rachael. I want to write like she does, to touch readers in the way she does. I want there to be a buzz about my books in the way there is about hers.

So in conclusion, you really need to pick up a copy of Reservation. If you haven't already done so, you will need to pick up Preservation first. Below are the purchase links for both.

Thank you for coming by to read my review. I hope to see you all again soon.

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