Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm Taking A Much Needed Nap and There Is A New Addition To The Blog

I don't know whether many of you know this but I am taking a bit of a back seat from the blog for a while. I am trying to get my book ready for publication and am trying to juggle too many other things with BETA reading and critiquing.
This means I am no longer taking on any more BETA or critiquing work until I feel in a better position to do so. I kind of feel like I have to be Wonder Woman, what with reading, reviewing, BETA, critiquing, and writing, though I will still work with authors I already have a rapport with.

I am also introducing a new member to my humble little blog. Her name is Sarah and she is my cousin. 
Whilst I am taking a much need rest, Sarah will be reading books I don't have the time for. 
I will still work with all the authors I am currently working with, but Sarah will take new requests unless you specifically ask for me and I can spare the time.

My reviewing will always be important to me and I won't quit completely. I will still be reading books and posting reviews, I just need to take a little time to concentrate on my first book, Stolen. 

I hope you will bear with me whilst I do what needs to be done and will welcome Sarah to the world of Gothic Angel Book Reviews. 

Please be reassured, I am still here if you really need me. You can always contact me on the email address I have in the Contact tab - I will always endeavour to reply as fast as I can. If it's a new request from an author I already work with, it will be me that takes it on, but if it's just a new request, it could be either me or Sarah. 

There will still be cover reveals amongst other things going on, so please, don't go anywhere. 

Thank you all for being patient with me!

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