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Review of FALLING INTO US by Selene Chardou

Publication Date:  May 28th 2013
Source: eARC provided by author for review purposes

“Kaz asked me a simple question and offered a way out. He said I could stay here and visit him on tour when ever I wanted but I am tired of feeling vacuous and useless so I said yes. I could use my photography skills and I’d been to plenty of concerts but never have I gone on tour with a band. The concerts are amazing but Scarlet Fever and Winter’s Regret are a formidable combination and just as in life as in art, nothing is ever what it appears to be. Even the most perfect paintings have slight imperfections and I have to discover them one by one…about Kaz, my lover and the man I have come to adore…”

Part two of Syd and Kaz’s exploration takes place in dual points of view and covers the North American leg of the Gods of Rock World Tour with Scarlet Fever and Winter’s Regret. 

Kaz thought he knew what he was doing when he decided to enter into a relationship with Sydney but his underestimation of her might cost him everything including the self-control he has held on to so tight for many years. 
Can he mold her into the woman he needs her to be or will she break him in the end?

The One More Night Trilogy is a Contemporary Romance set in the world of rock and roll:
Falling Into Lust
Falling Into Us 
Falling Into Love (Coming June of 2013)

Publisher’s Note: This is book is novel length. Although this is a three part trilogy, none of these stories end with cliffhangers and each one is a journey into the lives of Sydney and Kaz before and during the world tour. 

Due to mature content, explicit language and adult situations, this novel is recommended for those 18+"

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

For those of you who read my review of the first book of this trilogy, Falling Into Lust, you know I simply couldn't wait for more Kasper Gillian. Selene didn't fail to provide all the Kaz I need! 
I started this trilogy not knowing what I was letting myself in for. Sometimes, when the material I am reading is erotic in nature, I can't connect with the characters all that well. But I found these characters to be 3-dimensional and easy to fall in love with. I forged a real connection with Syd and I fell head over heels for Kaz. Quite simply, Falling Into Lust was one of my favourite books of 2013 so far. Well Falling Into Us has gone and done it again. It's rocketed right to the top of my Most Favourite list.

Whether it's Selene's compelling writing, the characters or the setting, I just seem to love everything about this book. Plus, there's a character named Keren - yes, she's named after and modelled on me. No this doesn't make me bias towards this book, not in the slightest. When my character first appeared, Syd referred to me as "The Skank" - at which point I wanted to jump in and smack her upside her rich girl head. 
I was honoured that Selene chose to use me in this book and I wasn't let down by the actions of my character. I may have been only a secondary character, but it was the way I got under Syd's skin because she found out I was Kaz's first love and the reason the band is named Scarlet Fever. I just thought these scenes were hilarious.

Falling Into Us takes us on the first leg of the bands tour and Syd is still unsure what this lifestyle is like. She may think she has an inkling but actually, she's in for a bit of a culture shock. But having said that, she handles the situation with as much class and decorum as she can muster and I have much respect for her character because of this. 

Being on the road isn't something that all of us could handle, I know I couldn't. It's packed with gig after gig, travelling everywhere on a tour bus, but at least Kaz books them into some decent hotels when they have overnight stays, he doesn't make Syd sleep on the bus if he can help it. But the constant stream of gigs and after-parties must really be a drain on anybody. 

It's not just the touring that Syd has to handle though. Kaz is worried about a certain band members drug usage - he takes coke and Oxycontin, this is not something Kaz is okay with and he has to determine whether or not to take him to one side and talk to him or to leave him to get on with it as long as it doesn't show when they are performing. 

Then there's the fact that her former best friend isn't talking to her anymore. Faith won't take Syd's calls or have anything to do with her. Syd isn't sure what to do about it but she's glad she has another friend on the tour so that she's not completely alone. The fact is, Kaz and Scarlet Fever are there to perform and that means that there's times when Syd feels alone. Who wouldn't in her position?

There's also the fact that Kaz's ex-wife Damira decides to come on tour to make a documentary of it. With Damira being such a [bleep], Syd isn't sure how much more she can handle. Kaz hasn't told her he loves her and this makes it all the harder for her. She's falling in love with him and she thinnks that when the tour is over, he's just going to drop her.

I'm glad to say she underestimates the level of Kaz's feelings for her. He swore he wouldn't fall in love or get married again after Damira but Syd has worked her way under his skin and into his heart, something he was definitely not expecting to happen. It seems they both balance each other out and their personalities suit one another, compliment one another perfectly. 

It's hard work for Syd because she's been on the road for months, she's having to put up with Damira's little digs as well as Faith ignoring her and it all gets to be a bit much. But even then, Syd's resolve is stronger than any I have experienced. Sometimes, she'll have a cry about things and be a bit emotional, other times she will just pull herself up by the bootstraps and get on with things.

It helps when her and Damira manage to call a shaky truce.At least that's one thing she has to worry less over. The band hire Syd to take photos of them and as Damira is making a documentary of it all, it means that the two of them have to work side by side more than they would like to. I actually gained more respect for Damira in this book than the previous one. She too comes from a broken background and although you don't learn much about it, you can tell it's what made her the woman she is today.

There are secrets being kept from Syd and there's explosive drama that occurs as a direct result. But one thing I can say about Syd is, you think she'll reazct one way to something and she goes and proves you wrong. Maybe she's not the spoilt little rich brat everyone takes her for. She grows with this tour. Not just with her sexual experiences with Kaz, but as a person. She gains more depth. It's great to see her grow and evolve. 

There's a lot of drama in this book, but there's also a lot of sex and rock and roll. It's all part of being with a guy who's band is famous and though Syd didn't know what she was letting herself in for in the beginning, she actually handles things way better than I would have done given the circumstances. 

Selene Chardou's writing is like a breath of fresh air. She pours her heart and soul into each book and you can tell that there are scenes where if I cried reading them, then more likely than not, she cried whilst writing them. 
I fell hook, line and sinker into Falling Into Us and read it in two sittings. I would have read it in one but I started it too late in the night and had to go to bed. I can't wait for Falling Into Love and I really hope that Kaz finally admits to Syd that he is in love with her. Reading his story, you understand why he keeps his guard up - but you also know that he knows he will push Syd away if he keeps trying to hold her at arms length. 

I have chosen to award this book 5 wings because it has the total package. It has real, believable characters. Then there's the fact that yes, there's a lot of steamy sex scenes, but it also has a great story arc too. Selene pushes the characters to grow and to get underneath your skin. I defy anyone to read this book and not get absolutely lost in the pages, and fall head over heels for the characters. They aren't just caricatures, these are more like real people you would expect to see in your day-to-day life. 

If you want a book that is a fresh story idea, plus sex and really sexy characters then this is the book for you. 
Don't forget to purchase a copy of the first book, Falling Into Lust. Then don;t forget that Falling Into Love is due out this month!

I look forward to the final book in this trilogy, but also to reading many more books by Selene Chardou. She has fast become one of my favourite authors because she thinks outside the box rather than being confined to restraints. 

Thank you Selene for the eARC of this amazing book. I can't begin to tell you how honoured I am to have had a starring role. 
If you guys pick this book up, when you meet Keren Hughes, that's me!

Thank you to everyone who came by to read my review. Hope to see you here again soon!

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