Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I Have Official 'Goodreads Author' Status...

Hi Folks! *waves*

I wanted to let you know, I have put my book STOLEN on Goodreads and have been granted Goodreads Author status. 
So what does this mean for you? I would absolutely love it if my book sounded like your cup of tea and you wanted to add it to your Goodreads TBR list. 
I'll give you the synopsis (may be subject to change):

Roshanna O'Dare wakes in her own home with part of her memory missing and is shocked when she finds her parents dead in their home. With no family, or any clues as to what happened to her parents, Roshanna makes a plan to move away from Cypress Hill to Texas, Austin, to live with her last living relative, Uncle Joe after the funeral. But it means leaving her best friend, Marissa Mason behind.
During her Uncle’s visit, she meets his chauffeur, Bodhi Vincent, who seems to understand Roshanna in a way no one else has. Bodhi is her rock after the death of her parents and the longer she stays with him while with her uncle, the closer they become.

Before moving away, Roshanna is confronted with a shocking secret that Marissa had kept from her, a secret that changes how she sees life and the people in it—Marissa is a pure soul and her foster parents are soul drainers who need her pure energy to survive.
Marissa gives Roshanna an amulet, knowing she will want to search for her parents’ souls and, after moving to Texas, Roshanna does just that, even as she begins to wonder how she'll ever find her parents' souls or track down the man that stole them.

When Roshanna goes back to Cypress Hill to talk to Marissa’s foster parents, she finds out that her best friend kept another secret from her.

Will Roshanna find her parents' souls and set them free? Will she find love along the way?

Stolen is book one of the Freedom of Souls series. Book two is called Freed and will be the last book

You can add it to your TBR list HERE!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. See you again soon!

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