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Review of LOVE KILLS by Natalie Hancock

Publication Date: TBC
Source: e-copy provided by author for review purposes

"Falling in love has never been so dangerous...

In a world full of Demons, Rayne is the only one of her kind. An Immortal destined to change the fates of the ones she swore to protect.
When Kade arrives, the tables turn and Rayne finds her own life on the line. As a Demon of death and destruction, Kade has the ability to take Rayne’s Immortal life from her.
Rayne hungers for his blood and Kade lusts for her body underneath his. Their desires spark, igniting passion neither of them can control.
As the apocalypse nears, Rayne trains hard to prepare for war but when everything begins to fall apart and Kade’s Demonic side reigns free, turning him against her, she only has two options: fight with her life to save the Demons, or let herself be killed, potentially destroying everything in the process.
Which will she choose?"

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

When Natalie first approached me about reading a new book she was working on, I couldn’t help but agree. Thank goodness I did. It was an amazing, all-consuming story that had me on the edge of my seat and biting my finger nails with all the action and drama that occurred.
Love Kills is about Rayne, a girl who has to move to a different world thanks to a vision from her Prophetess. 
The vision showed that Rayne must move to this new world, away from all that is familiar - including her family - in order to protect the Demons from the coming apocalypse. 
The world she is moved to is over-run with Lurkers. Once the loved ones, family and friends of the Demons, they are now the undead that plague the city. Thankfully, Rayne built a wall in between parts of the city. She closed off the Demons from the Lurkers, it was too dangerous not to segregate them. 
Rayne can manifest her weapon of choice, anything from a dagger, to a scythe and everything in between. This allows her to fight any Lurkers when she has to go to the other side of the wall. It also aids her training because she doesn’t know what or when the apocalypse will be. She must train to fight any enemy, known to man or otherwise. The good thing is, Rayne is an Immortal, and as such cannot be killed. She can be harmed - say a Lurker were to take a bite out of her arm – but any infection they may carry would not be passed on to her, she’s immune. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t take a beating her and there, but as she’s Immortal, she knows nothing can seriously hurt her.
Thankfully, she has a select few Demon friends who aid her with training for the apocalypse. There’s Rita and Pita, the two feline Demons. There’s Ren, the Demon who always patches her up if she gets injured. Then there’s Caleb, the computer genius who is light years ahead of anyone else in the field of technology – it was he who built the Pod. 
What’s the Pod? Good question! The answer is; it’s where Rayne goes to train. Thanks to Caleb, it plays out any scenario they can think of. Add a Zombie here and a Demon there, Rayne heads in to fight, to get herself in shape for what is coming. As they don’t have any idea what will happen with the apocalypse, they proceed to play out scenarios where anything is possible.
Rayne trains day and night, never thinking to give herself a break. She wants to be prepared and she believes that if she’s taking a break – even if it is well deserved – she’s not doing enough to try and protect the Demons in town. 
The Demons aren’t exactly all that welcoming of Rayne. That’s why she only has a handful of friends in the world. She doesn’t have a man in her life; she doesn’t even have time to entertain the thought of a man, never mind an actual relationship, that would be a distraction from her duties. That is until the day Caleb adds Kade into the Pod.
Kade is in a scenario where Rayne must get young Demon girl back to safety before anything can happen to her. 
He’s tall, broad and handsome; for a Demon.
The trouble is, Rayne must fight him to protect the girl. She swore to give up her life in protection of the Demons and that is exactly what she plans to do.
Once out of that particular scenario, she meets the real-life Kade and can’t help but wonder “What if?”
From there, she has to train with Kade outside of the Pod. He’s strong and has a unique talent, being able to shift the earth below to his advantage. But I won’t tell you any more about that. You can find out just how amazing and swoonworthy he is when you read Love Kills for yourself.
As I said earlier, this was an all-consuming story. I read it in just a few hours. I was surprised at my own reading speed. I was turning the pages faster and faster, anticipating what was to come.
This was a fast-paced, action-packed, brilliantly written story. I loved how Rayne had the ability to manifest any weapon she liked. The fact she usually chose scythes amused me to no end.
I loved how Rayne was determined to protect the Demons even when they made it clear she wasn’t wanted in their world. They didn’t know what was coming but they didn’t want the protection of an Immortal. The fact was, she made them hate her the moment she built the wall that divided them from their loved ones, even if they had turned into Lurkers.
This story is probably one of my favourites, and no, not just because I’m in love with Kade.
I loved the basic premise, and the way it was played out. The thought of Rayne being able to train in a Pod – that was an intriguing one.  I was glad to see that Natalie didn’t build up an idea and then have it fall flat. Sometimes, that can happen in a story and you wish you could just skip on to the end and then never read another book in the series. But with Love Kills, I was absolutely dying for the next book straight after I had finished. 
I am so glad to hear that Natalie is writing another book, but in all honesty, I’m hoping she’ll write another two or three. That would be fantastic. Not only does the story intrigue me, I love Natalie’s easy writing style. She has a style that anyone can get to grips with. What I mean is that sometimes authors over-complicate things. Natalie doesn’t. The story plays out well enough without her needing to add in extra (un-necessary) complications. 
Thank you Natalie for an advanced copy of Love Kills. Suffice to say, I absolutely loved it and it deserved every one of the 5 wings I rated it, and then some. 
P.S: If you can create some more steamy kiss scenes with Kade in the next book, I will be one very happy reader 

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