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Review of THE LIONESS by Jake Bonsignore

Publication Date: February 14th 2014
Source: e-copy provided by the author for review purposes

Seventeen-year-old Adria Catarr is a carefree, stubborn girl with an insatiable sweet tooth. When she stumbles into Lando Cardé, the incognito prince, during the annual Midsummer Festival and mistakes his charm for love at first sight, her naïve heart is quickly broken.

Kaidan Sordell, a childhood friend, is there to pick up the pieces and help Adria mend her wounds. His affection for her has gone unnoticed for so long that he’s not sure if he’ll ever have the nerve to tell her how he truly feels.

With the last summer before adulthood upon them, Adria and Kaidan decide to seek out the Temple of the Red Mare. The legendary tales of it revealing a heart’s truest desire is too tempting for lovelorn Adria to pass up.

Will she realize, though, that what she’s looking for has been trekking beside her all along?

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

Where to start this review, that's the question. This book left me speechless for a while. I was in tears and couldn't see to type. This story is one of love, trust and inexplicable bonds - it really a true love tale. There are trials and tribulations along the way, but who better to face them with than your best friend?

Adria Catarr is our heroine and it's her journey we follow. It all starts one fateful night at the Midsummer Festival when she meets the crown prince, Lando Cardé. He's handsome and kind, pays her compliments and whisks her off her feet at the dance. Just like that, Adria believes she's in love and goes home with a feeling of joy in her heart. Upon finding out that Lando is in the dauphin of Masselia, Adria believes it's her destiny to find him and she sets off on a journey with her best friend Kaiden Sordell who is travelling to try and get a place at a very prestigious school. 

We follow along as the two friends have an adventure together on their way to Masselia. Kaiden is in love with Adria and has been since they were children, but will he tell her and if so, will she reciprocate the feelings?

Adria is in for a bit of a shock upon her arrival in Masselia and Kaiden is in for a shock of his own. The pair are drawn back together and set off on another journey, this time a much more fateful one. This time, they seek out the Temple of the Red Mare. There, they will discover much more than they ever thought possible.

What truths will the pair reveal? That's for you to read the book and discover! 

If you read this story, you won't be sorry you did. It was a beautiful novel, cleverly written so that you don't know what's around the corner. There is much laughter but also many tears to be beheld within the pages. This book should come with a warning that reads: "WARNING: A whole box of tissues required."
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I couldn't put it more honestly than this: The Lioness: A True Love Tale is a revitalising story of how true love is something that makes you rise. When you are in love, you don't fall, you rise. If it weighs you down, the truth is it probably isn't true love. It reminds you that love is something special that isn't taken by rights, it's given freely. 

Here are two fan-pics I made after rising into love with this emotional story. 

Thank you Jake Bonsignore for the e-ARC, but also for confirming my theory that love is unconditional and beautiful. 
Thank you to anyone who came by to read my review. I hope you'll take a chance on this book like I did.
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