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Welcome To My Stop On The Blog Tour For RAIN By Christie Cote!

Title: RAIN
Author: Christie Cote
Publication Date: May 6th 2014
Source: e-copy provided by the author for review purposes

Taylor Sullivan took her life for granted until she received news that would change her life forever. In a state of denial she met Kyle, who didn’t end up being what she expected. She wasn’t able to escape her new reality, but with his friendship, just maybe she could survive it.

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

I’m not really sure where to start my review of this book. It left me speechless and in floods of tears. I had so many feelings for this book from the very start. Taylor is such a sweet young girl and her life is disrupted when she finds out she is ill. I immediately felt drawn into Taylor’s life as she was a really easy character to connect with. More than that really, it felt like she was a real person not a fictional one. There are many times I wish that fictional characters were real or that I as a fictional character in their world. This time, I wanted to be there as moral support for her. Thankfully, she had Kyle to lean on. *fans self* Sorry but Kyle is hot!!
Taylor is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. She has a hot boyfriend, Austin. She has great friends and goes to school like everyone else. Normal, right?! Well, all that changed when she found out about her illness. She felt sucker punched and her world turned upside down and inside out. Thankfully, she has amazing parents who support her unconditionally and she has a wonderful best friend by her side. Shame her boyfriend is a moron (this was not my word of choice).
When Taylor meets Kyle, she feels a connection that she can’t deny, nor explain. They are like kindred spirits. He’s kind, supportive, gentle but strong, all the things a boyfriend should be. But that’s the problem, he’s not her boyfriend and she is with Austin, so nothing can happen between them. This doesn’t stop her thoughts wandering to Kyle frequently though.
We follow Taylor’s life as she deals with this illness, her warring feelings for Kyle and various ups and downs. She is such a strong girl and yet she doesn’t see it. You get to experience what she feels throughout it all and I was so sucked in that I felt like it had all happened to me. The way Rain is written is a sheer delight because it is easy to fall into and hard to come back out of – this is the kind of book I love. As I said in the beginning, it made me feel so much and I love it when a book touches me in the way Rain did.
I hope you’ll take a chance on this superb debut novel by Christie Cote. She has an amazing talent for writing and you will fall in love with her characters because they are so tangible and real.
Thank you Christie for allowing me the privilege of reading Rain. I really must buy a signed copy to go with my sacred stash of signed books. This is a book I will no doubt read over and over again. Before I go though, I want to thank you for creating Kyle. He’s such a great guy!
Thank you all for coming by for my stop on the tour I hope you’ll stop by again soon! 

Before you go though, here's a little post from Christie on how and why she became an author:

I became an author because I was determined to become one. I have been in love with writing for around ten years, from poems to unfinished stories to finished novels. Writing is my passion, and one of those things that makes me incredibly excited and happy when I’m talking about it, or doing it. There are many things I want to do in my life, but writing is one of those things that I cannot imagine not doing. I wouldn’t be me without it. I will always be a writer, and in turn I will always be an author because I recently learned, that an author isn’t just someone that has published something. An author is someone who wrote something. You are the author of anything that you write. No one can take that away from me. I’m a very creative person, and writing is my favorite way to express that creativity.
I have a fulltime job that doesn’t have anything to do with being an author, but I hope that someday being an author will be my fulltime job.

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  1. Thank you for being a part of the blog tour! Your review is fabulous! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and I really enjoyed the review. :)


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