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Welcome To My Stop On The Blog Tour For Karen Rock's "A LEAGUE OF HER OWN" ! We Also Have A Great Giveaway, Don't Miss Out!!

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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for A League of Her Own by Karen Rock. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 1 till 14 December, you can view the complete tour schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.

A League of Her Own Title: A League of Her Own
Author:  Karen Rock
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Release Date: 1 December, 2014

He was attractive, talented…and way off limits.

Heather Gadway may have been a world-class college pitcher and a top university coach, but she's a rank amateur when it comes to managing the Falcons, her father's struggling minor league team. And when it comes to managing her aggravating attraction to Garrett Wolf, their talented new pitcher. It's going to be difficult enough to make it as the first female manager in the league and prove to her overly critical father she's worthy. No distractions. No missteps. And certainly no romances with players. Everything stands between them—including their troubled pasts—even as Heather's world falls apart and Garrett's the one who's there to catch her…
My Review: 

Many people say the first thing that attracts them to a book is the cover. Others say it's the blurb. In many cases, I would be the first to agree, but this time was different. What attracted me to A League of Her Own was the author, Karen Rock. She is an absolutely amazing author. I want to read anything she writes. I'd even read her shopping list!  Over the last 3 years that I have been a blogger, I have been lucky enough to read many of Karen's novels and we have become good friends during this time. I affectionately named her Wonder Woman - this woman can do anything she sets her heart and mind to.

I'll admit now, I am  not much of a sport fan. Any sports on TV bore the pants off me, I am the first to switch the channel. But this book drew me in so much that I found myself feeling like a baseball fan. 
From the first word to the last, I was fully immersed in this amazing story. From the first time I met Garrett Wolf, I was hooked. The age old question is, do you believe in love at first sight- well, from the second Wolf came on the page, I was in love. I'm talking full-on insta-love, butterflies in my tummy, pulse racing, having to turn the pages faster so that I could discover more about him. Of course, Wolf isn't the only character to love, they are all brilliant in their own ways and all contribute to the story in some way, be it big or small. 
Now, I'm not here to tell you what happens in the story, that's for you to discover for yourself - you must make your own journey through the pages, but I can tell you how it made me feel. 
Karen Rock has gone and done it again. she's written yet another superb novel that drags you under, has you rooting for the underdog and brings tears to your eyes on more than one occasion. 
This story had me on the edge of my seat several times. There were several times that I assumed I knew where it was going, only to be proved wrong. And I love how Karen does that. She makes you think one thing and then all of a sudden BAM! the story goes in a completely different direction. 

As an author myself, I am in awe of Karen Rock. She is quite simply put, one of my favourite authors EVER! She is someone I look up to and aspire to be like. If I could be one-millionth the author that she is, I would be one happy lady. 
As a reader, she gives me stories to fall in love with, time and time again. As an author she gives me something in the way of a challenge. She makes me look at my own work and strive to become a better author. Karen Rock is an idol, a role model, a superstar! (Yes, I might have a bit of a girl-crush on her LOL).

A League of Her Own really is in a league of its own. It's a beautifully written novel with one-of-a-kind characters that will have you laughing, crying, and in some parts, like me, you may want to dive into the book and give someone a good shake to make them see sense. 
Forget book-boyfriends, get set to meet your book-husband - but beware, he's already been claimed, by me! 

Thank you to Lola's Blog Tours for allowing me early access to an ARC of this inspiring novel. 
Thank you Karen, firstly for being my Wonder Woman, and secondly for creating yet another world for me to be sucked into - let it be known, I never wanted to leave. 

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You can buy A League of Her Own here:
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- eHarlequin

Karen RockAbout the Author:
Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and Adult Contemporary Romance author. She holds a master’s degree in English and worked as an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time writer. Currently she writes for Harlequin Heartwarming and her first novel for the line, WISH ME TOMORROW, has won the 2014 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, the 2014 Golden Quill Contest and a finalist in the Published Maggie Awards. The first novel in her co-authored YA series, CAMP BOYFRIEND, has been a finalist in the Booksellers Best and Golden Leaf awards.

Karen loves nothing more than to connect with her fans, so you can find her here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Goodreads
- Tumblr
- Quarterly Newsletter

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Thank you all for dropping by. I hope to see you all again soon!


  1. Keren!!! I <3 you to pieces. You are my Wonder Woman :) and my sister across the pond. Thank you for hosting me today and for your beautiful review that made me cry. ((HUGS))

    1. I love you so much Karen, you are awesome. You're an amazing author, a wonderful woman and someone who I aspire to be like in life.


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