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Review of BAD COMPANY by Lissa Jay

Author: Lissa Jay
Publication Date: April 16th 2015
Source: e-ARC provided by Net Galley for review

Please note that this book is intended for ages 18+. It contains violence, scenes of a sexual nature and a hot biker with a potty mouth.

Scottish psychologist Doctor Kelly Ann Darrow loves her career and has never permitted her feelings to impact her professionalism, but when biker Cameron Iss arrives in her care, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the unconscious man. His tattoos and the mysterious circumstances of his arrival intrigue her to distraction.

Cameron Iss awakes in a strange country with no memory of how he got there and no knowledge of who he is. He takes out his frustrations at his amnesia on the sexy doctor enlisted with helping him unlock his mind.

A mutual chemistry forms between them, and Kelly is plagued with guilt at her unethical and inappropriate attraction to this, her most perplexing patient yet. 

As his memories begin to return and they discover more about his violent past and his connection with a motorcycle club in America, the element of danger both excites and frightens Kelly, and nothing can douse the erotic fire he has sparked inside her.

Will Kelly risk her career, her reputation, and all she is for the man who has ignited a dormant passion within her or will his returning memories steal him away for good?

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

*Warning: Mini rant ahead...*

Now I don't know about you, but I have recently seen reviews on Goodreads calling Cameron a whiny pussy. I hadn't heard anything like this before I read the book, but now I've got to make my opinion on this little comment known. It is complete and utter bullshit! I mean, I totally and utterly fell in love with this guy from the start and nothing about him is whiny and he is most certainly not a pussy.
I love MC books, which is what made me pick this book up and I think I know where these kind of comments about Cameron came from. I spent last night thinking about it after I had finished the book. The thing is, men in MC books are hulking, tattooed Gods of men that have women quivering at the knees and melting into puddles of their own juices. I get that, I love that, I feel that way reading such books myself. But I felt that for this book too.  In a way, Bad Company is not your "typical" MC book - perhaps this is because you expect the guy to be this bad boy prick that treats women like shit but you end up falling for him anyway because somewhere down the line he has redeeming qualities. Fair enough. You are entitled to your own opinion. And maybe the person who said Cameron was a whiny pussy was basing their opinion on the fact that he is more sensitive in nature than many MC lead characters. Well I happen to think that his sensitive nature is a good thing. He is a broken, hollow shell of a man who has post-traumatic amnesia. He doesn't remember being the ladies man that fucked them and left them in his wake. Instead, he wakes up in a strange place, surrounded by strange people and he is a stranger to himself. Surely then, it is understandable that he isn't the guy he used to be because he has no memory of that guy. And if you ask me, that's a good thing because it allows him to be the kind of guy that comes naturally to him and that guy is still a God of a man. He still has your knees quivering, your panties melting away and your body wanting to spontaneously combust. 
So, if you want a bad boy who fucks you, leaves you and has no redeeming qualities, then maybe this book isn't for you. But if you want a guy who is a little broken, who has to fit the jigsaw pieces of his life back together, a guy who is smoulderingly sexy and leaves you hot under the collar, then maybe this book is for you. 

Now, that rant was longer than I had intended, but it had to be said. With that done, here's my actual review:

This story had me sucked in from the very first word, I just knew this book was going to give my heart a beating and I fell in head first... or maybe heart first. 

Cameron Iss is a strange guy in a strange place, he doesn't know who he is, how he fits in and he has no memory of what brought him from America to Scotland. All he knows is that he's in hospital, with a sexy as all get-out doctor that asks him questions he has no way to answer. Kelly Darrow is his psychiatrist, but he wishes she was oh so more than that. He's clearly attracted to her and she to him, he can see it in her eyes, but she is a woman of ethics, a woman who wouldn't dare defy the oath she took when she became a doctor. Although Cameron doesn't know who he is or why he's here, what he does know is that his desire for this woman is strong. 
Kelly doesn't know what it is, but something attracts her to the unconscious patient she sees before her. How can she be attracted to a man she doesn't know? A man she hasn't even spoken to before... A man who is muscular, tattooed and has an edge of danger... Most of all, a man who is a patient? Kelly is a sensible, professional woman who doesn't cross the boundaries that would see her struck off as a doctor. She mustn't let the lines get blurred... but the more she looks at those lines, the more they blur, the more they seem to disappear... It's a dangerous line she treads, but she can't help feeling the magnetic draw of this mysterious, handsome man. Her desire might just be stronger than her willpower... 

This book is beautifully written and just like Cameron, it has a magnetic draw to it that sucked me in and refused to spit me out. I went on a roller coaster of emotion and this was one ride I didn't want to end. The whole time that the two were doing the "will they? won't they?" thing, I was distraught at the fact that they indeed might not. I rooted for them to be a couple. I wanted Kelly to take a chance on her heart, ethics be damned. I needed Cameron to make her see that whilst he couldn't remember who he was, maybe having a clean slate might turn out to be a good thing. How many times have we made mistakes in our lives that we wanted to forget? We might not be able to, but Cameron could. 

I loved both main characters in this story, and Cameron easily won my heart. It was difficult for this broken man to piece his life back together. I truly felt a lot of empathy for the guy. He was sensitive and compassionate, not the bad-boy from the MC that I expected him to be. Sure, in his past he was a lot more wild, but along his journey, he became more and more lovable, more tame than you might expect from the tattoos and bulging muscles. Never judge a book by it's cover because deep inside is what matters the most. Cameron isn't afraid to show his more vulnerable side and this only endeared me to him more - I actually like a guy who isn't ashamed to cry. 

As Kelly helped Cameron slot the pieces of his life back into place, I was scared of what would happen if he went back to America, he would break Kelly's heart... and mine along with it. 

The way Lissa Jay told this story was passionate, deep and incisive. I loved the dual POV narrative as it helped me understand both characters more fully. I commend Lissa on a story beautifully told that made me laugh, shout expletives and sob like a newborn baby. I'm glad I gave this book a chance, as now I have found both a series and an author I know I will come to love more than I already do. I can't wait for book two in the series. It may not be mainly about Cameron, but I sure hope he makes an appearance somewhere. I look forward to learning more about the boys from his MC and seeing if I come to love them as much, to champion them as much as I did with him. 

Thank you for coming by to read my review. If you would like to purchase your copy of Bad Company and get to know the characters that took my heart, here are the links. Hope to see you again soon. 

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