Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review of EVE EDEN vs THE ZOMBIE HORDE by Suzanne Korb

I hereby award this book 4 wings!

I have just now finished this book and am sitting to type my review whilst it is fresh in my mind. A lot seemed to happen in such a short space of 276 pages and I feel if I don't get this written now, I may forget parts.

Eve Eden is just your normal teenage girl living in a small town called Twin Forest. She has a best friend called Kimi and life couldn't get any more average. Eve goes to high school and just like any normal school, there is one girl in particular Eve tries her hardest to avoid. Petra. Or as her birth certificate would say Crystal Petra Ball. No wonder she goes by her middle name huh?!

Even with Petra's incessant bullying of people, life is just about as normal and average as it gets. True, Eve and Kimi wouldn't mind a bit more fun. But I'm not sure Eve being catapulted to the depths of Hell is anybody's definition of fun!

The odd things start happening when Kimi shows Eve a necklace she dug up on an archaelogical dig in England. It shines so bright it knocks Eve off her feet, literally.
 Then when she sees it up close, boy is it ugly! Eve looks it over and tells Kimi it's horrible, much to her dismay as she was about to give it to Eve as a gift. 
Eve slips it on to see what it looks like, then just can't bring herself to take it off. She even refers to it mentally as 'her necklace'. 

Kimi tells Eve she's going to cast a spell to make the necklace disappear. However when that fails miserably, Eve tells her she is leaving it exactly where it is.

The next day at school, there is only a space on the wall where Eve and Kimi's shared locker should stand. Kimi decides that this is what she made disappear instead of the necklace. Little do they know there are other forces at work.

That is only the catalyst for the chain of events that spiral out of Eve's control. 

Something tells Eve that maybe her mom and dad have some explaining to do. They want her to train to fight and defend herself at the Battleground, otherwise known as the home where Kimi lives with her foster parents. They have equipment that could aid Eve's training and everyone has been badgering her to start training. But she hasn't listened up to now. She doesn't see what she would want to train for. Little does she know, a little bit of training would have gone a long way.

Finally, Eve is convinced to start training. But she isn't there for long because after only one day's training, she is catapulted headfirst into the catastrophic events that await her. 

I won't spoil it all for you, but along the way she finds herself face to face with a vampire and then thrown into his past. She is in the depths of Hell and doesn't know how to get out. And when she finally gets out of Hell, she is confronted with a horde of zombies that she has no hope of battling. Or does she?

I read this book at quite a rate of knots. It is a book that you find yourself turning the pages faster and faster to try and find out what will befall Eve next. 
There were times when I felt that there should or could have been more explanation for these events. But my quest for an explanation is what kept me turning the pages so quickly. 
Unfortunately, I reached the end and am still at a loss as to why those things happened to Eve. I only hope that in the next book, Suzanne can give us a bit of background information. I want to know why such troubles will continue to pursue poor Eve.

It was exciting the way Eve was constantly thrown from one situation to the next. It was amusing and in parts I couldn't help but laugh out loud. The journey was sure a bumpy one for all involved. 
The characters Suzanne has created are great. I really do like Eve. I love Kimi and her boogersnots (you'll have to read it to see what I mean by that)
Bubbles and Thunderbug her flatuating dog are probably two of the most amusing characters of all. Especially little Thunderbug and his powerful, awful smelling mini explosions from his bottom!

All in all, this books is deserving of the 4 wings I awarded it. I only live in hope that the next book comes soon and I can laugh a little longer and a little louder at whatever next befalls Eve and her friends. 

Until then.....!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Review of BONE DRESSING by Michelle I Brooks

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

As happens often recently, I am sat at my laptop without knowing exactly what I intend to say in my review. This seems to happen more and more often because I am reading some awesome books. This time is no exception. 
This time I was left feeling empty and full at the same time, happy yet sad. 
I can honestly say that the characters were some of the most enigmatic I have discovered of late. BONE DRESSING was captivating from the moment the words began and the only thing that was bad about this book was the fact it had to end. 
I was about halfway through this book when I stumbled across someone's 1 star rating of it and I was curious what they thought was so wrong about it. 
Upon reading that review I honestly didn't know what they were talking about. It felt like they had read a totally different book to me. The things I liked about it were exactly the things this person had hated. 
All I could say was, oh well, it's a shame for them that they couldn't see what I saw.

BONE DRESSING is a story about 17 year old girl called Syd. Sydney Annalise Bovay Roberdeau. And boy is she one angry young woman. 
In the beginning, just about everything makes her mad. She doesn't seem to have any way of channelling that anger, she just lets it rise to the surface and explode. 
I must say, this actually had me laughing out loud. I think Syd is AWESOME. She's feisty, she's mouthy, she flouts the authority of her foster parents. She pulls no punches and tells things exactly as they are. 
Quince and Jackie are her foster parents and they have had about enough with Syd always rebelling, sneaking out when she's supposed to be in her room. But as I said, Syd isn't much for authority. 
It's really Quince who's harder on her. Jackie is soft at the edges and I think she would let Syd get away with more were it not for Quince. 
They may be her foster parents, but they love her and only want what's best for her. Even if that means grounding her for a month and banning her from her school prom, after yet another of Syd's escapades. 

Needless to say, Syd sneaks out of the house. 

She finds that her feet lead her to the cemetery of their own accord. 
They lead her right up to Plot 1327-B. The plot of Lily-Bovay Roberdeau and Jeremiah Remy Roberdeau. Syd's parents. This is the plot she calls 'Home'. 

Whilst sitting at her parents plot, a deep male voice asks her what brings her to the cemetery on such a stormy night. 
It makes Syd just about jump out of her skin. She had assumed she was alone, talking to her parents to ease her troubles. 

The voice turns out to be coming from a guy with shoulder length, straight, dark hair, slick and glistening in the moonlight and the rain from the storm. His name is Jean-Remy Beauchamps St Claire. 
He is also beautiful, not that Syd would tell him that. 
They strike up a conversation and he tells her he prefers to be called Remy. But Syd struggles with this because it was her fathers name. 

(I won't tell you what takes place between them, but I can say Syd is her usual feisty self - argumentative, temperamental, maybe a touch self-depricating) 

Then, along comes his sister. Sarah. A sweet young girl who looks to be about 8 years old. She steps out when Syd and Remy are talking, causing Syd to swear - which let's face it isn't unusual for Syd, but is not considered polite in front of one so young. 

Sarah La Rosa Genevieve St Claire, as she introduces herself, has bright blue eyes that seem to shine with an inner strength. A strength usually found in a woman beyond Sarah's years. 

As usual though, Syd can't keep herself from arguing with someone for 5 minutes. And though she doesn't know Remy or anything about him, she still finds grounds to argue on. 
She is shouting and swearing at him, having to apologise to Sarah for her manners, when out of the trees comes a huge glossy black furred cat. A full grown black panther to be precise. It has it's eyes set on Syd. Now what is she supposed to do? 

Well, she tells Remy how gorgeous she thinks he is for a start. Confronted with her certain death at the hands, or rather paws, of a panther, she feels she might as well tell him. She won't live beyond this moment to regret what spills out anyway. 

Except that she does live. The panther doesn't attack any of them. 
Whilst thankful that it hasn't killed her, Syd sure wishes she hadn't spilled her guts to the gorgeous Remy. 

As it turns out, the panther is a travelling companion of the brother-sister duo. Her name is TJ and she doesn't like the way Syd was arguing with Remy. TJ is very protective of him and thought that Syd was attacking him. 

Turns out that Syd needs to keep a civil tongue in her head. Easier said than done. But if she doesn't, she'll have to incur the wrath of TJ. Still, that doesn't stop our Syd from mouthing off. Boy this girl knows how to push boundaries. Almost like it's an art form. 

I can't say too much more without giving the whole game away, I always worry that my reviews might be classed as too 'spoilery'. 

All I can say now is how I felt about this book. 

Like I said before, BONE DRESSING was captivating from the start. Whether I was laughing at Syd's anger rearing it's head, or at her nearly wetting her pants when confronted by Bagheera - as she calls TJ - there were certainly some laugh out loud moments. 
The writing style of Michelle Brooks is unlike others I have come across in the genre. She has a unique voice and I have to say, I love it. 
The only bad thing about this book was the fact it had to end. The end left me instantly craving more. In a way, I'm glad I read this book when I did, but in a way, I wish I'd been able to wait until the next book was released. That way I would have been able to get my next fix sooner. 
As it is, I along with everyone else, must wait (im)patiently until the next book comes along. 

There are some awesome characters to be found within the pages of this book. I not only fell in love with the ticking time bomb that we call Syd, but Remy and Sarah too. We didn't get to find out much about their past, and I hope to find out more in book 2. Their lives are entwined in such a way, and I hope that this leads to more fascinating discoveries. 
It has already been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, and I don't see that ceasing to be the case any time soon. 
I really can't say too much about the story, but there are more beautiful characters to be discovered than just these 3. 

Syd finds she must go back to her previous lives to discover more about herself. If she doesn't, there will be things she is not yet ready and able to face. Things that may be the end of her. 

In BONE DRESSING, she goes back and discovers her life when she was Rachel - intrinsically linked and deeply in love with Jesse. 
We discover much about the love they had for each other and the life they lived together. Without spoiling it too much, all I can really tell you is that these were 2 beautiful characters. You could tell that they were made for each other. 

The way Michelle writes these scenes, it seems as though she herself may have experienced a love as deep rooted and all consuming as the love of Rachel and Jesse, or she has dreamed of love like it often. 
The way in which her words paint the picture of a love so pure and beautiful, touched my heart in a way that is tough to forget. 

Not all was smiles and laughter along the way for all involved though. There was a point at which I was shocked to the core and sat there for a good 5 minutes re-reading the same paragraph because my heart didn't want to let the words sink in. I am not ashamed to admit, I cried for about the next 15 minutes before regaining my composure. 

It truly takes something rich and wonderful to touch me they way BONE DRESSING has. I must own this book in paperback, because much as I love my kindle and my e-books, I do like to own my favourites in hardcopy. 
This is a book that I will definitely recommend to all my friends, and indeed to all readers that want something a little bit different and special on their shelf. 

I am ever thankful that Michelle asked me to review this book. 
Some people appreciate art for it's beauty. Well I appreciate a good book and a good author in exactly the same way. 

So, thank you Michelle. I hope I don't have to wait too long for the next installment in this incredible journey. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

So I Can't Figure Out If I'm A Nerd Or Not....!

I've been wondering for a while now. Am I a nerd or not? And you know what? I just can't figure out the answer. 

The fact is, I get super excited over the slightest little thing. These are not limited to, but do include:

  • A new book by an author I love being released
  • An awesome book cover I keep raving about
  • Receiving a book in the post
  • Receiving a signed book from an author
  • Receiving signed swag in the post, i.e Bookmarks, Postcards, Magnets
  • Being asked by an author to review their book... though this is totally worthy of shouting about because it's always great to be asked. It means a lot to me. 
  • Recently, I found you could get a butterfly ring, as seen on the cover of DESTINED by author Jessie Harrell. So, I raved about it to my other half then ordered it (and I'm really hoping it comes soon)
  • Getting a tweet or retweet from an author I love
  • People entering my giveaways - Yes, this excites me A LOT!!
I mean, I get really excited by these things. I was talking to an author pal the other day and told her I get like an over excited new puppy, the only thing being that I don't pee on the carpet! (Seriously, thank god for small mercies)

So the question remains unanswered, does this make me a nerd? If so, I don't really care. BRING IT I'll be a nerd. But if not, what on this earth am I? (I mean apart from an incessant chatterbox - cos that's obvious, right?!)

Anyway, I'll be quiet now. LOL :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lucy Takes Over The Blog....

Before I let Lucy take over, let me just say now, if she mentions Twilight I will kick her a** back to her own blog where she can rave about Edward and the dumb Bella all she wants. 
Thinking about it, what have I let myself in for?!  Oh well, here goes nothing:

Hello and Welcome to Keren’s blog!!
My name is Lucy Swing and I have taken over for the day. This is pretty exciting! Hmmm, I can really say anything I want *grins*-  I was, however, forewarned not to talk ‘Twilight’. So I will not say anything else other than I have Edward Cullen locked in my closet- his poster at least.

Let’s move along before I get my butt kicked!  For starters I wanted to introduce myself a little more in depth. Some of you may know me and some of you may be like “HUH? Who the heck are you?!” so..here we go:

I am a mother of two and a firefighter wife, a book hoarder and as that, I am addicted to reading. I began writing full blast over this past summer when I decided to stop messing around and to actually FINISH a manuscript. Which I did. It is called Feathermore, and it still needs some editing, so it won’t be out any time soon. I began blogging at “Writing Antics” where I review books, do giveaways and talk about anything under the sun. Yes, anything goes.I also begantweeting my life away as @luceduceswing. It was then when I got a DM from @SuzKorb asking if I would be interested in collaborating a story for an anthology she was putting together. I was dumbfounded. I think I may have stared at the computer screen for at least five minutes re-reading the message, knowing it had to be wrong. Someone wanted ME to write a story?! For something that would actually be published?! O.M.G. And I have been working on it ever since. It has been completed and has met and exceeded the word count. I am on my second round of revision and hope to have it all finished up before the Holidays. So be on the lookout for “Death by Chocolate” the Anthology book and more importantly, “My Bloody Valentine” which is my story.

Release Date February 14th 2012.

Here is an excerpt:

My Bloody Valentine
“It was the beginning of senior year when word got around there was a new student in Hollow High. As it has always been, it was rather habitual to treat any new student as if they had some kind of incurable disease. Girls would carefully move around Jude when walking past, as if the mere touch of him would make them turn into ashes. The boys would make comments that made me cringe, wondering how people could be so cruel towards someone they never held a conversation with.
 Jealousy, I had told myself. Jude was drop dead gorgeous. “Out of a Vogue magazine” I had told Maggie the first time we walked past him on the hallway. His shaggy black hair fell over his deep green eyes, almost as if they needed hiding, sure that looking into them would only cause a surge of emotions through me that would be unstoppable. His tall and well-built body would have been perfect for playing sports, but that would have never been allowed by the team.
I walked past him in the hallway every day and he never noticed me, his gaze always glued to the floor. I should know, I stared at him incessantly. A couple weeks after school had begun our eyes finally met. As I had dreamt for so many days and nights, there had been an undeniable spark, some sort of recognition that had crossed his eyes sending shivers through my body. I had been right; looking into those eyes had been a life changing experience. The person I had been was immediately eradicated and in its place a new being was born. I couldn’t explain how but my whole world had changed. Something in me had awoken and the fire in my soul begun to soar. I needed to be close to him.” ©Lucy Swing, “My Bloody Valentine” Death By Chocolate 2011.

In my story, you will all come to find, nothing is what is seems haha.
Okay, so I have a debate going on with my husband. If you have ever read my book reviews I am always raving about the men in the books. My husband says I fall in love all too easily but I disagree. Yes, I love the male characters and would love to have one of each (Edward Cullen, Gabe Willowghby, Caspian, Blake Beldevier, DamenAuguste, Evan and Reece- et all) but is it really MY fault the exceptionally talented authors create such amazing men? How can you help not falling in love with them? Keren will kick my behind, but I began writing again because of Twilight. I was obsessed with Edward. I wanted him and I needed him. The way Meyers was able to make me feel all of these emotions and more. It still baffles me when I long for a character in a book but I want to do that to someone, to make them go wild with emotions. And I hope to one day succeed :)
So here lies the question, have you ever fallen in love with a fictitious character in a book? How and Why? And more importantly.. WHO!?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Review of THE WILLOWS: HAVEN by Hope Collier

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

First of all, may I just say WOW. This book set my heart and soul on fire and even though the book has ended, the flames still haven't been extinguished. 

I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful style of Hope Collier's writing and the unique characters she created. This is certainly one story that will stay with me long beyond the last page. I cannot wait to read the next book whenever that may be released. 

So the question I hear being asked is, why? Why do I feel this way? 
Well it's tough to explain in eloquent words really. From the first page of The Willows: Haven, I knew that it was going to be an emotional journey both for the characters on the page and for me as the reader. 

In the beginning we meet Ashton Blake, a 17 year old girl living in Malibu. On the surface, she is a normal girl, with a normal life. She has a boyfriend called Kevin and a best friend called Kyle. The one thing she doesn't have is a mother. And the father she has, well let's just say they aren't all that close. She even calls him Charlie rather than Dad. 

I won't say exactly what leads up to it, but Ashton is soon faced with a tragedy, and rather than stick around with her boyfriend and friends to face it head on with their help, she finds herself on a cross-country road-trip. 

Along the way, she meets a handsome stranger by the name of Gabe Willoughby who has eyes the colour of the sea and a beautiful, heart-warming smile. 
Ashton runs over his motorbike, so she feels responsible for leaving him stranded and offers him a lift. Gabe takes her up on her offer, giving her the nickname Grace, because as you may guess, she is so 'graceful' what with having knocked over his bike amongst other things (that you will only find out when you read it for yourself). 

By getting to know Gabe better, she unwittingly discovers things about her own past, how he is not necessarily the stranger she had him pegged as. It raises questions for her as to who she really is and what might really have happened to the mother she once had. Gabe and Ashton's lives are entwined in a way she does not expect and is left reeling upon discovery. 

But just as Ashton is coming to terms with what Gabe has told her, and accepting her heritage for what it really is - she is summoned to fulfill a treaty in a land she has never visited, by people she does not know. It can't be a good thing, surely? 

Well that I will leave for you to discover on your own journey through this enthralling book. I can honestly say my heart was held captive until the end. 
There were moments when I laughed, when I cried, and when I wanted to sock somebody in the mouth for their actions. All in all, it was a tumultuous ride for Ashton, Gabe and ultimately me. 

I was lucky enough that upon discovering Hope Collier on Twitter, she offered me a copy of this book to review, but I would have been glad to pay any price to read such a tale. 
I knew absolutely nothing about Naiads and Dryads and the like before. But now I feel I am left with a better knowledge and understanding of the things in this particular myth. I only hope that the second book is uplifting a journey as the first and I know I will do my best to be one of the first in line upon it's release. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Meet Kira Saito, my Voodoo Queen

Hello lovely readers, it’s Kira, your resident voodoo queen and author of Bound (An Arelia LaRue Novel #1). Keren has been kind enough to let me invade her blog for the day, so I thought I’d do something a little different.
Instead of talking about how awesome my book is and why you should go and buy a copy NOW!!! I thought I’d celebrate the theme of the series and do a quick lesson on how you can make and use your very own voodoo doll!

Steps to make your very own New Orleans style voodoo doll:

1.Pick out some fabric. It can be any color.
2.Cut the fabric in the shape of a human.
3.Typically, real New Orleans voodoo dolls are stuffed with Spanish moss. 4.If you can’t find any of that stuff, cotton is fine too.
5.Mix the cotton or Spanish moss with specific herbs that meet your exact goals along with the target’s personal effects.
(For example: If you have a huge crush on someone, steal a hair or two off of them, mix it with some Jasmine & stuff the doll with it)

Some common herbs and their uses are:
Thyme: stops nightmares
Samson Snakeroot: used to make a person warm up to you
Jasmine: love
Mandrake root: love, protection and wealth
Ginger: protection, luck in gambling
Devil’s Shoestring: good luck in gambling and used is carrying out curses.
(You can actually buy voodoo doll kits if you’re too lazy to gather all the ingredients yourself!)

Okay, so now you’ve made the doll, you need to name it and baptize it after the person it’s meant to resemble.
To do this, light a white candle and focus your energy into the doll. Develop a connection with it and fill it with your energy!
That’s it!! So now you have your custom voodoo doll, you can basically do whatever you want with it. Remember treat the doll like it’s really the person it’s meant to resemble.
 So, if you want someone to fall in love with you, surround your doll with roses, rub honey over its heart and whisper seductive words in its ear :P
 Yes, you can stick pin and needles it in if you’re out for revenge. Basically, you’re only limited by your imagination!


Your Voodoo Queen, Kira -x-

Gothic Angel's note: I collect angels and fairies, the darker and edgier the better. Well in that collection resides Voodoo in Blue (pictured right)
And I also have a voodoo doll keyring on my handbag, a witch (pictured left)

Thank you to Kira for taking the time to write this post, teaching us how to make our own voodoo dolls. I hope you were all just as interested as I was!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Review of PARADOX: THE ANGELS ARE HERE by Patti Roberts

I hereby award this book 5 wings!

I thought that Paradox: The Angels Are Here was a terrific book. Fast-paced and easy to read, it only took me hours to get from start to finish.
Within the pages of this book, there are 2 worlds. One ancient and one new.
The intricate way in which the author has created and connected these two worlds is beautiful.

I find myself at a loss for words with which to describe the story within these pages. I don't want to give too much away really, it would be a shame to give too much away. Plus, I feel the story speaks for itself.
Once you read the first page, I defy anyone not to be hooked. I could hardly bear to put it down. (Even reading it whilst I was eating)

I was lucky enough to receive the book from Patti, and I am ever grateful that she gave it to me because this glorious first installment in her story has left me desperate for more. I am truly glad that I don't have to wait too long for Paradox: Progeny of Innocence (as it's hopefully out on 30th November)

I am really looking forward to reading the next installment, as I have already read the preface and the first few pages, which you will find at the end of this one.

I hope to find out more about both worlds and how one will inevitably impact upon the other.

I have to say, I already believed in Guardian Angels before reading Paradox. But now, I have an even firmer belief in them.

Gothic Angel's Christmas Giveaway Part 1

Part 1

The Legacy of Kilkenny is the story of Abel Casey, an ordinary boy until the stunning Pru Phelan came to town and introduced him to his destiny. Pru had a vision that the Great Wolf was born and he can be found in Piedsville, Oklahoma and his name is Abel Casey. Pru's main assignment? To kill Abel... at least make his family believe he is dead. The Great Wolf is expected to become the leader of all packs. As Abel starts training he begins to have abilities of a werewolf, he hasn't shifted and he doesn't want his family to believe he is dead. Will he be able to convince the pack that he can protect his family. Just when everything seems to be going okay, Abel's sister Allie meets a new guy named Arien. Arien isn't any guy, he is a vampire and he knows the Phelan pack has found the Great Wolf, he wants to know who it is and he is threatening to turn Allie into a vampire if they don't tell him who it is. Allie is already moody, will she contract the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV)? Abel wants a relationship with Pru, but she only has eyes for her bodyguard Oakley. The story will have you cheering for the good guy.... hating the bad guy... dream of the sexy werewolves and love to hate the vampire Arien. The multiple scenarios may be too much to bear for our newly unshifted werewolf Abel, can he save his sister? Will he find love? Will Pru be able to fulfill her assignment? Will Allie become a vampire? Who will be brutally murdered? Enjoy this page turning supernatural story!
Allie Casey has left Oklahoma, leaving behind her personal journal. Abel finds his sister's journal an intimate insight to Arien's seduction of his sister Allie. In her own words, Allie describes what it was like to meet a vampire and her unknown addiction of vampire venom. Her poetry is both dark and gut wrenching; yet it is raw and beautiful. This is a novelette, a short story in diary format. Note to Reader - This story may include spoilers to The Legacy of Kilkenny!

These 2 ebooks plus book swag were kindly donated by the author, Devyn Dawson!

Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud, voodoo queens inhabit every street corner, and the ghosts are alive and well. Despite her surroundings, all she wants is to help her Grand-mere Bea pay the rent and save up for college.

When her best friend Sabrina convinces her to take a well-paying summer job at the infamous Darkwood plantation, owned by the wealthy LaPlante family, Arelia agrees.

However, at Darkwood strange things start to happen, and gorgeous Lucus LaPlante insists that he needs her help. Soon, the powers that Arelia has been denying all her life, come out to play and she discovers mysteries about herself that she could have never imagined.

This ebook was kindly donated by the author Kira Saito!

Time is running out & the Dark that's been chasing Syd for many lifetimes has finally caught up with her.
Sydney Roberdeau lost her parents as a young girl. Waiting for her life to start and the freedom that will come with her eighteenth birthday, Syd spends much of her time haunting the local cemetery. It is there, stretched out among the dead, that she feels most alive, most at home. Until one rainy night when Beau, Sarah and T.J. crash her ghostly sanctuary, appearing out of nowhere, turning her already inside-out world one degree past upside down.
Syd must now revisit past lives, dressing in the bodies of her previous selves & bone dressing. Her only chance to outrun the evil breathing down her neck is to face her own worst nightmares and her strongest desires. But if she can't stay out of trouble in this life, how can she possibly fix mistakes from past lives? And just how many lives has she lived, loved and lost? What is Syd exactly, and what will she risk for the life of a man she doesn't remember, the man she spent a lifetime with, the man she loves? Everything including her very own life?
Bone Dressing, the first in a series of seven books, will carry Syd and Beau on an adventure that transcends life itself

This book was kindly donated by the author, Michelle I Brooks!
When tragedy strikes, seventeen year-old Ashton Blake sets out on a cross-country road trip, leaving the comforts of Malibu for the mountains of Kentucky. Along the way, she encounters Gabe Willoughby—the mysterious drifter with eyes like the sea and a knowing smile. Getting to know Gabe raises questions about her past. But no secret can be buried forever, and Ashton soon finders herself in a world where water is air and myth becomes reality.
Just as Ashton comes to accept her newfound heritage, she’s summoned to fulfill a treaty laid down centuries before — a treaty that will divide her love and test her loyalty. In the end, her future isn’t her biggest concern, her humanity is. To run may mean war, but is she strong enough to stay?

This ebook plus book swag were kindly donated by the author, Hope Collier!

For seventeen year old Mina Singer, falling in love with an Arthurian Knight on a white horse was never part of the plan - especially being that she's an ordinary college girl living in the twenty first century.
As Mina finds herself catapulted into a land she believed only existed in the bedtime stories of her childhood, she soon discovers that Fairyland is not quite as innocent as she imagined.
The question is...who will come out alive?
Haunting, beautiful and sexy, The Forest of Adventures, is a dark romantic quest into the land of true and forbidden love

This ebook was kindly donated by the auhor, Katie M.John!

Having had too many books donated for one post, please see below for Part 2!

Gothic Angel's Christmas Giveaway Part 2

Part 2

Knowledge changes everything…

Hoodoo-influenced Southern Louisiana seems like the perfect place for Camille to escape her abusive past and dysfunctional family. She doesn’t expect to fall in love with the handsome Gavin Devereaux and plummet into the world of Amaranth, a place of exile for reformed vampires.
Wrestling to escape a deadly ex-boyfriend while giving Gavin a chance, Camille is confronted with decisions that threaten not only her life, but the lives of her inhuman friends she has come to love. Entangled in her friends’ quest for freedom, she dives into their realm and faces the threats of Amaranth’s ruler—the mother of all vampires—and her own inner demons.
Now Camille must decide whether she will derail her life and make the ultimate sacrifice for the monsters that interrupted her bumpy path back to sanity—what she still wants so desperately—or escape with Gavin before it’s too late for both of them

This e-book has been kindly donated by the author, Rachael Wade.

The nightmares haunting Corinne and her friend Mason hint at a universe that exists beyond the one they know. Her destiny is to protect a weakness between the two worlds, but her mentor is dead. As Corinne and Mason search for answers, she tries to ignore the sparks igniting between them, but can't deny she feels safe only when he's nearby. Will they find help before their nightmares break free?

This e-book & swag was kindly donated by the author, K.C Neal

A forbidden love. Rival families of organized crime. And one man hell bent on getting what he wants at all costs. Small town Donovan's Harbor isn't going to know what hit it!
Jessica Alvarez arrives in the small town determined to stand up to her father and assert her independence. What she doesn't expect is to fall in love with her father's enemy and be made a pawn in a mad man's plan to take back control of the town from organized crime.
In this play on William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet theme, will Jessica bring together two warring families in order to be with the man she loves, or will she - much like her Shakespearean counterpart Juliet - succumb to the tug of war between her family, the man she loves, and the man without any qualms to taking her life as a means to an end?
This e-book was kindly donated by the author, Michelle Grogan.
Please note: This is currently only availabe in Kindle format.

After the inexplicable disappearance of Lilly Taylor's parents, she has no choice but to move to Canada where she unravels some frightening yet intriguing family secrets...
Raven is a fantasy novel for children and young adults set in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

This e-book was kindly donated by the author, Suzy Turner.

A little girl's world is turned upside down by a visitor,the Angel of Death. She finds herself trapped in a nightmare, consumed by her paralyzing loss and overwhelming grief. The haunting visions and untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death are only a heartbeat away.
A journey crossing Two Worlds. One Ancient - One New
How do the heartbreaking visions experienced by a little girl fit into this Ancient World of Angels, Myth & Legend?
Where lives are bound by blood - and nothing is as it seems. In a World where there are more questions than answers. This journey will leave you wanting and have you asking... Who, When, Where?
Is your Guardian Angel From Heaven or Hell...?
Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence (#2 in the Paradox Series) Available November 2011
This e-book was kindly donated by the author, Patti Roberts.

It's significantly harder to enjoy it when you're dead.

Truth or Dare is supposed to be fun too. It's not even close to dangerous, so playing at Steph's house didn't seem like a bad idea. My dare? Spend the rest of the night in the graveyard next to her house. It was only a couple of hours until false dawn, my proscribed return time, so no big deal right? Right.
I survived the attack, but it took me a few days to figure out what was going on. I mean vampires might stalk pop culture, but they're just myths. Yeah. Not so much.
School is a lot more difficult when you're a nocturnal creature of the night. I was managing, but I couldn't keep it hidden from my friends for long. After I managed to accidentally save one of our cheerleaders from her drunk and ill-intentioned boyfriend. Steph decided that we should be cool, like superheroes, and fight crime.
Only I'm a vampire, not a hero, and we live in a sleepy New England town, so crime's a little harder to come by. At least it is until a serial killer moves into the area. He's got the authorities stumped, but then again, the cops don't have a teenage, blood-sucking, non-hero on their team.
This e-book was kindly donated by the author, Julie Campbell
Please note: Julie must be able to pass on your email address & preferred format to her publisher for them to send the book out.

Life can get pretty complicated for any seventeen-year-old girl, but for a home-schooled telepathic black girl trying to survive in a prestigious private school in small-town Jonesborough, Tennessee, it can be maddening; especially when her telepathic father keeps eavesdropping on her thoughts!
Jaycie Lerner's family isn't the usual mom-dad-kid setup. Jaycie's mom is MIA, but Allison, her personal live-in trainer, is more than a mom, with her own special abilities, like being able to lift cars and run incredibly fast. And Jaycie's godfather John is more than persuasive; he can literally convince anyone to do anything.
As far as the rest of the world's concerned, Jaycie's on the outside looking in. The townsfolk love Jaycie's paediatrician father, but she doesn't fit in with "normal" kids, and she doesn't really want to. Most of her free time is spent training to keep her telekinetic and telepathic powers under control. But there's one thing she can't control; and that's her feelings, especially when her best friend Matt is nearby. If only he knew what she was truly capable of...
Everything seems to be status quo for Jaycie until she receives a cryptic message from a stranger and meets a very unusual girl new to Jonesborough. Then all hell breaks loose

This e-book was kindly donated by the author, Natasha Larry

In the sleepy small town of Barracuda Bay, Maddy Swift leads the life of a fairly typical teenager, but while attending a party one night, Maddy is struck by lightning and awakens to realize she has been reanimated and turned into a zombie. While becoming acquainted with her new "lifestyle," Maddy stumbles upon two unexpected undead chaperones, fellow students Dane and Chloe, who begin to teach her the ways of zombie life, including defending the populace from Zerkers—the bad zombies. Together, on prom night, the three teens must ultimately defend Barracuda Bay High from an all-out zombie Armageddon.

This paperback book has been kindly donated by the author, Rusty Fischer.
Please note: I will pass your mailing address on to Rusty so he can post your book and a personal note!

Toby’s best friend, and unrequited love, Molly Harper has gone missing. Molly’s boyfriend, “Spud,” thinks he knows where she’s been taken: the mysterious Zombie High, where Spud’s father just happens to be in charge of the top-secret medical facility famous for its work rehabilitating teenage zombies.
Armed with blueprints, passwords, keys and codes, Spud and Toby are ready to make an all-out assault on Zombie High and rescue their fair Molly. There’s just one problem: Toby and Spud are the biggest wimps at Cypress Cove High and need some muscle along for the ride in case any of the zombies get loose.
That’s where Boner and Zack come in. Two of the football team’s biggest players, the jocks are easily conned into joining Spud and Toby on their fictional “panty raid” the minute Spud calls them “chicken” for not accepting his challenge to spend the night at Zombie High.
When Zack and Boner show up to accept the challenge, however, they don’t come alone; they bring their two girlfriends, Lilac and Haley, along for the ride. With events spiraling out of control and zombies lurking around every corner, will Toby and Spud even survive their night at Zombie High, let alone rescue Molly?

This e-book has been kindly donated by the author, Rusty Fischer!

This giveaway opens on 15th December 2011.
There will be a Christmas themed question to answer and the first person to answer correctly will win all 13 e-books and the SIGNED swag!
There will also be 1 or 2 runners-up chosen and they will receive the signed swag!
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