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Review of Beautiful Beings and Heaven & Hell by Kailin Gow

Author: Kailin Gow
Publication Date: July 18th 2011
Source: e-copy provided by author for participation on the RABT tour

An ethereal exclusive boarding school with unearthly beautiful students...Lux, a rebel girl, who has been seeing demons and angels since she was two...Asher, the bad boy on a motorcycle who sketches angels...Brax Kingsley who instantly captures Lux's eyes when she moves into the neighborhood...And the Hatchett twins whose parents were murdered, leaving them a ridiculous fortune...All brought together...all part of the puzzle behind the Beautiful Beings

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

When I was first asked to be part of this tour, I was excited because I love books about angels.  Well it turns out I was right to be excited. This book packs a hell of a punch. With 3 smoking hot guys, angels, demons, incubi and succubi; it sure makes for a roller coaster ride of a book. 

Lux Collins has had to pack up her life time and time again. She may as well live out of cardboard boxes for all the moving around her and her parents do. She got expelled from her last school and has quite the reputation for drawing trouble. But it isn't Lux's fault. She sees demons and with that comes fighting them and banishing them back to Hell. 
This latest move sees her attending a rather elite school, St James' in San Fransisco. Shown around the school by Braxton Kingsley, she runs after what she thinks is a demon, but turns out to be a hot guy called Asher.
Lux is quick to make friends with 2 of Brax's close friends, the Hatchett twins; Moore and Shayne. They both exude such friendly, kind persona's and are both absolutely gorgeous. Turns out they are heirs to a fortune too. Their parents were murdered and that left them living in their mansion by themselves. Brax's parents disappeared whilst investigating something Paranormal, so he lives with his Uncle, Dr Kingsley. He too is wealthy. It seems like everyone is. They all live in homes much more indulgent than Lux and her parents' modest home.

There's something about Brax that Lux is attracted to, but just as she is discovering this, Moore weaves his spell on her when he kisses her and she finds herself ready and willing to do anything for him. But though Lux is painfully attracted to Moore, she still has a growing attraction to Brax. He's handsome, funny, kind and makes her feel good.  Then there's bad-boy Asher whom she also finds a connection with. Caught between three smoking hot guys? Who wouldn't want that?! 

So Lux is ridding San Fransisco of it's demon's and is warned to beware of the beautiful beings. But what beautiful beings? Everyone at St James' is beautiful. And why would any of them do anything to harm her?

Well for the answer to that, you'll need to read Beautiful Beings for yourself.

From the first word to the last, I was absolutely hooked. Kailin Gow has a writing style that is fast-paced, action-packed and chock full of twists and turns. Just when I thought I had things figured out... Oops, turned out I didn't after all.

I am not usually an advocate of love triangles [or should it be square with Lux and 3 hot guys?]. I usually prefer my stories a little more straight forward and uncomplicated. But with that being said, I really enjoyed the relationships between Lux and her admirers. There is something to be said about each one of them, but I won't explain, I'll let you discover that for yourselves.

I have never read anything by Kailin Gow before, but you can be sure I will track down everything that she has written and read it. She has rocketed her way to my list of Favourite Authors. I don't know if every book she has written is as fun as this one, but I know I am sure looking forward to finding out.

As I finished reading this, I picked up book #2 Heaven and Hell straight away as I couldn't bear to be parted from some of my new favourite characters. The question on my lips was 'will she make a decision as to which of her 3 suitors she wants?'

Thank you Kailin for gifting me this book for the tour, but most of all for creating a story I'm not sure I want to hear the end of (because that's the end then, no more fun with Lux, Brax, Asher and Moore - and for that reason, I will be sad, very sad.)

Thank you RABT for asking me to take part in the tour.

To purchase Beautiful Beings for yourself, click one of the following links:

Publication Date: December 6th 2012

"Lux Collins now knows what are the Beautiful Beings and the danger they pose to everyone. All her training and experience in the world cannot prepare her for what she cannot help: falling in love with one. Her enemy, her forbidden love. Can she break the curse on him and save him from his fate or will their love be doomed forever?"

As I said at the end of my review for Beautiful Beings, I picked this book up as soon as I was finished because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

This book picked up the pace even more than the first. There was more drama, more tantrums, more steamy kisses... everything a girl needs from a book really. 
I think my Goodreads status summed it all up: 
OH MY GOOD GOD just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did exactly that. Fun, intense, thrilling, smoking hot guys and a succubus bitch to hate on? That makes one helluva badass book. Kailin Gow, everybody, a new found favourite author. 

I can't even really give you a brief description of what happens in the book because I'll give too much away. 
I read this book in one sitting because it was so all-consuming. I had to stay up until 12:30am to finish. I literally could not put this book down and walk away. My eyes were glued to it, I had to keep turning the pages, desperate to know what was going to happen.

Is my thirst for more sated at the end of book two? No! I need books 3 and 4 and I need them NOW :D

In all seriousness if you like action-packed, drama-filled books that are made all the more appealing by 3 absolutely delicious guys, then you need to read this series!

Thank you to all who came by today, I hope to see you all here again soon!

If you are intrigued and want to buy Heaven and Hell, you can do so here:

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Review of After Angels Fall by Jo Cattell

Author: Jo Cattell
Publication Date: January 1st 2013
Source: e-copy from author for review

"In Book One, When Angels Fall, we met Nick and Chloe. We cared for them, hoped for them and worried about them. Their young love seemed so fragile at times, when up against the world which thought they were too young, too foolish or too naive to follow their own hearts. We witnessed their growing relationship and remembered when we were in love for the very first time.

After many trials and obstacles, our young couple finally got their night. They sealed their love with a powerful, loving coupling, despite all who conspired against it happening.

In this installment of Book Two, After Angels Fall; we will find out what it means to be young, in love and up against a heartlessly cruel world. 

Chloe fights the darkness of her childhood and the cruelty of her senior year, while living with people who wish to destroy her. Nick fights to hang onto their love to keep Chloe safe and whole.

Many happenings will conspire to separate them. Will love win out? Will they be able to stay together and beat the odds?

…Only the ‘Angels’ really know"

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings*

After Angels Fall is book 2 in the series and it picks up from where When Angels Fall ended. For my review of When Angels Fall, please click here.

So, what to say about After Angels Fall? Well, it touched my heart just as much if not more than book one. I found it to be emotionally fraught and I fell more in love with the characters than I had previously.
My favourite character is Kevin, one of Nick's brothers. Whilst it may be unusual to have a secondary character as my favourite, you only need to read this book to find out why. He is a complete star, he's Chloe's rock and I will always, always love Kevin.

Nick and Chloe are still very much in love but things are unfortunately pretty much the same with regards to Chloe's horrid parents.  Her only escape comes in the form of Nick's family. Gina and Mark have become like the parents she never had, although she deserved them. Much like Mark, Kevin and Max have become like the brothers she never had. They are such a close knit family and they take her in as one of their own.

Things get worse for Chloe on the home front. Her father is one of the most despicable people ever, only slightly pipped to the post on that one by his wife Shelly. It's hard to find anything worth saying about them as there certainly isn't anything nice. The Gardner's are the kind of couple that couldn't care less about anybody other than themselves. We found out in book one that they were always travelling and leaving Chloe home alone. Chloe hates them, she hates the way her father has never been a father to her. He's always seen Chloe as a weight around his neck and Shelly (the most wicked step-mother of them all) is forever belittling her,  making sure she knows that the baby they are trying for will be all the family they need. Their baby will be Thomas' second chance at being a father, so they say. The thing is, he never really tried with Chloe. He hated her mother in the end and despises that Chloe is her mothers' daughter.

The pit of resentment grows in this book. It opens up a chasm that cannot be closed by words or by actions. There is nothing that could bring them together as a family. So it's a good job Chloe has the Allen's.They love her and respect her so much. Nick loves her more than life itself. It's only with Nick that Chloe really opens up and shines like the beautiful star she is. 

One day, during a camping trip, Nick and Chloe get carried away with their want and need for each other. So much so that they forget to use protection. Thankfully the test they do shortly afterwards is negative and so life can resume as normal.
Chloe has plans to go to Art College in New York and Nick plans to get into a college in NY too so that they can find a little apartment and be together.

The two plan to take a trip before college can start. Trouble is, Mark Allen couldn't keep his promise about them not leaving. It's not for good, they just have to go away for a few short months. Mark junior manages to get out of it due to having a job and a fiancee. Kevin also gets out of it as he's old enough to stay behind and he point blank refuses to go. But Mark Allen senior is Hell-bent on making Nick go. He won't take no for an answer. He doesn't see that it will put a gaping whole in Nick and Chloe's relationship. He says they can write and email and see each other on web-cam, but he will not take no for an answer and forces Nick on that plane with him, Gina and Max.

Nick and Chloe promise each other that there is no-one else for them and that their relationship will work out because they will do everything in their power to keep it together. 

The time away is hard on both Nick and Chloe. But at least Chloe can still go to the Allen's house if things get tough with the Gardner's. At least she will have Kevin, Mark and Mark's fiancee Claire. 

Events seem to conspire to keep Nick and Chloe apart and even when they do manage to have web-chats, it's for a limited amount of time only. What doesn't help is that Nick has a girl that seems to have latched onto him and wants to make things tougher for him and Chloe. 
Let me tell you if I could reach into a book and slap someone, she wouldn't be first on my list because of Thomas and Shelly, but she would be third.

Chloe has been ill recently. She's suffered dizzy spells and bouts of sickness. She doesn't know what's wrong with her but she doesn't want to confide in anyone. 

A twist in the story occurs which sees Chloe being comforted by Kevin because he was the only one she felt she could tell what happened. Another twist has her running away and living in a boarding house.
I won't tell you either of these things or anything about any of the other shocks Jo has in store for you. All I can tell you is just when you think you have something figured out, something comes along and blows your mind.

I absolutely adore Jo's writing style. She pours her heart into every sentence she writes. There is a little piece of her soul embedded in each book. She dedicates her books to the memory of Chloe, her inspiration behind these beautiful books. 
I cannot wait until Fall this year when the third book comes out. The trouble is, we've been given a great treat by books 1 & 2 being released so close together but now Jo has another book in the works for another series and that means we won't see book 3 until Fall. I can only pray she gets done sooner than she thinks and gets it published earlier.

My favourite moment in this book is when they are camping and Chloe asks Nick to dance in the rain with her. It was such a touching scene. 
There are some beautiful moments to experience, yet there are also some that are quite tragic to witness. 
I hope you will read this book and come to the same conclusion I did. Nick and Chloe are meant to be together and the things that happen to keep them apart are just God's way of testing them and the strength of their love for each other, ultimately making them see they are soul mates. 

Thank you Jo for sharing your words with me. For making me fall in love with your characters so hard that you nearly had my heart broken beyond repair. I say nearly because you came along and fixed it in the end.

Thank you everyone who came by to read my review. I hope to see you again soon!

*Cover Reveal* Lost To You by AL Jackson

Hi Everyone *waves*

I am pleased to be able to bring you the awaited, gorgeous, cover for AL Jackson's LOST TO YOU.

Without further ado.... *ta-da*

"People come into our lives. Some stay, and many go. Some build us up, while most tear us down. They become our friends, our enemies, our lovers, our tormentors. 
Christian Davison came into mine, and I knew I’d never be the same. 
To Elizabeth Ayers, New York City had always been a dream. She’s worked her entire young life to make it here. 
Groomed to one day take over his father’s law firm, attending Columbia University was Christian Davison’s only option. 
Neither wanted anything more until they sat across from each other at a café table after being paired as study partners. 
Christian wants her, but Elizabeth knows better than to give into their intense attraction. Yet there is little she can do to stay away.

Lost to You, the prequel to the bestselling romance, Take This Regret. A New Adult novella, recommended for readers 17+. It’s unnecessary to have read Take This Regret to enjoy Lost to You." 

If like me you want to add this book to your TBR list on Goodreads, here is the link 

I think you'll all agree with me that this cover, like all others by AL Jackson, is gorgeous!

Thank you all for coming by for the reveal. Hope to see you again soon!

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Review of Hale Maree by Misty Provencher

Publication Date: November 19th 2012

"Hale Simmons dreams of climbing out of her impoverished life, going to college, and getting herself a titanium crash helmet, so she can eventually bust through the Plexiglas ceiling of her crappy life. But for now, she’s just a 18-year-old girl with a flimsy hope, barely getting by with her alcoholic father, Jerry.
But for Hale, ‘crappy’ suddenly takes a nosedive, when Jerry becomes the sole witness to a horrible accident. It is an event which means to effect everyone, especially Hale, who wasn’t even involved.
While the depth of the accident has just begun to unfold, Otto Maree, a prominent business man and old family friend, stands to lose everything because of it. Otto is desperate for Hale’s father to stay quiet about what occurred the night the two men met for a drink. Out of mutual moments of desperation, the two fathers forge a deal. Jerry is desperate to gain financial stability for both himself and Hale, and Otto Maree is more than willing to pay to keep his secret just that. 
But deals like this need to be made of the strongest vows and bound with the most faithful of loyalties. Otto proposes a marriage between Hale and his playboy-son, Oscar, in order to assure that the secret remains ‘in the family’. The mystery surrounding the accident continues to grow and Hale struggles against her own mysterious feelings that begin to develop for Oscar, who turns out to less of a playboy, but just as fiercely loyal and dedicated as his father. 
As the pressure around her continues to escalate, Hale realizes that she’s got to decide if this arranged marriage is really just a big mistake or an amazing twist of fate that has been waiting around for this particular accident to happen."

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings*

I bought this book on it's release date and couldn't wait to read it. From the cover and the synopsis, I knew this was going to be a book I would enjoy immensely. Let me tell you now, I was not wrong.

I've been on a self-imposed ban over the Christmas period to not read, review or write. But I couldn't help myself picking this up. Every time I looked at my bookshelf at screamed at me, begging to be read.
So eventually, yesterday, I gave in. 
I was hooked from the first word until the very last. I wasn't really sure how this book would play out. I have to be honest, I thought to myself 'an arranged marriage in this day and age?' I wasn't sure how the author would manage to pull it off. But oh my goodness, I was wrong. If I'm perfectly honest, I would go through with an arranged marriage myself, just as long as Oscar Maree was my intended husband! *Swoons* Oh Oscar....

It all starts one night when Hale Simmons' dad returns home from the pub with his friend Otto Maree. Hale overhears some of their conversation but wishes she hadn't, for what she heard would change her life immeasurably. Why? Well the men were discussing an arrangement whereby Hale would marry Otto's son, Oscar. Hale can only hope that this drunken conversation will be forgotten in the morning. 
Unfortunately in the cold light of day, Hale's dad explains that he expects her to marry Oscar. He doesn't tell her why, only that he needs her to go through with it.
Hale meets Oscar and begrudgingly admits to herself that she thinks he's attractive. Well, beyond the normal parameters of 'attractive' - this guy is HOT. His sculpted muscles, his gorgeous face... But no, she won't go through with marrying him just because their fathers concocted some scheme whilst they were drunk.

Otto gives Hale's dad a truck and all the things he needs to start a new business venture as part of the deal. Though Hale likes seeing her dad sober and working, she doesn't want to marry a guy she doesn't know. She wants to go to college and do things that normal 18 year old girls do. She won't let her dad force her hand in this.

But when Hale is alone with Oscar, he tells her the reason behind them having to get married. It's in order to keep a secret. I can't tell you what that secret is, but, the fact is, it's huge and needs something put in place to stop it from getting out; this being the marriage.

Hale and Oscar end up at the Maree family's beach house. 

Hale isn't at all happy about this arrangement and would do just about anything to get out of it. But the more time she spends with Oscar, the more she comes to like him. Oscar is a genuinely nice guy. He doesn't take advantage of Hale. He knows that she's uncomfortable with the situation and though it isn't ideal, he does his best to accommodate her. 

Oscar doesn't see any other option than to go through with this. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't come to genuinely like Hale. At one point he tells her that he's hit the mother of all jackpots by being her suitor. 

Though Oscar was in a relationship with Sophia, it had to come to an end the moment his father made this arrangement. But if he's honest with himself, he wasn't all that happy with Sophia anyway. 

Oscar knows how Hale feels about having to marry him but he wants to win her round. He wants her to like him and maybe even love him one day. This means that he takes things slowly, building her trust in him gradually. 
He's such a gentleman. Any girl in their right mind would fall for him. But Hale is dubious of just about everything. She fights with herself about how much she really likes him. It doesn't help matters when his friends come to the beach house to stay for the weekend. She knows that she has to play part of the 'happy couple' so she does her best to convince Landon and Amy that her and Oscar are in love. 

I can't tell you more without ruining the story for you, suffice to say that there is a twist I certainly didn't see coming. 

Misty Provencher managed to make this story something out of the everyday within the Adult Contemporary Romance genre. Her writing style sucks you in and doesn't let go of it's hold on you right up to the end. Once I started reading, I literally could not stop. I had to be prized away to go for a shower and as soon as I was done, I was back reading until the end. There was no way I could go to bed without knowing the outcome.
It took me about 8 hours to finish and I can honestly say that they were the most enjoyable 8 hours I could have had. 

Misty managed to make me laugh and cry but overall, she managed to make me feel happy. The fact is, this book could have been written by someone else and they may not have pulled it off but Misty had the skill to develop the story beyond what I initially thought it might be.
I love how she didn't just throw the two of them together and they were like 'oh yeah, let's fall instantly in love and get married'. Instead she made Oscar woo Hale. He's one of the most romantic, sweet love interests I've read in a while. 
This was the first book I've read in 2013 and all I can say is my year started off with a BANG!
Oscar Maree is my first book boyfriend of the year and let me just give a message to all book boyfriends to come; 'You all have a lot to live up to. Oscar is sexy beyond what any man should be. With his incredible body and his wonderful heart'... Oh I could talk about him forever, but I better not for fear of boring you guys to death. 

Thank you Misty for introducing me to Oscar and Hale. I had so much fun with them.

Thank you to anyone who dropped by today to read my first review of the year.

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